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SG-1 is welcomed on K'Tau by the planet's religious leader, who takes the reddening sky concurrent with their arrival as a sign from their gods. What he doesn't know is that the reddish color is a reaction caused by the wormhole, signaling the planet's impending doom!

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MGM Official Summary

SG-1 are welcomed on K'Tau by the planet's religious leader who takes the reddening of the sky concurrent with their arrival as a sign from their gods. In reality, it is a solar reaction caused by SG-1's incoming wormhole which spells doom for the entire planet. Jack argues in vain to convince the faithful K'Tau that their gods are Asgard aliens.

SciFi.com Official Summary

SG-1 explores a planet and finds a society whose religion is patterned on Norse mythology. They meet the people of that world and their chief god, Freyr, turns out to be a member of the Asgard. Freyr is not physically present, however, and the image of him in the hall of wisdom is only a recording. Shortly after the team arrives, the sky turns red, and it seems that SG-1's use of the wormhole might be the cause. The sun has started to shift into the infrared spectrum, and if the process continues it will eventually kill all plant life on the planet, leaving the world uninhabitable. The team tries to contact Freyr for help, but the Asgard High Council is reluctant to intervene. Meanwhile, Major Samantha Carter looks for a way to reverse the damage they have caused.


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