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Alex Jameson


Alex Jameson became a host to a Goa'uld which had infiltrated Earth's corporations through their access to members of The Trust.

Character Biography

Alex Jameson was Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of military defense contractor Farrow-Marshall Aeronautics. He disappeared on his way to a business meeting in Richmond, Virginia. Six months before this disappearance, his wife Sheila noticed a change in his behavior. He started acting cold and distant and becoming more secretive.

Based on later evidence, it is safe to assume that during this period he was possessed by a Goa'uld symbiote. The system lord Ba'al took refuge on Earth after his defeat at Dakara, becoming president of Farrow-Marshall and taking over the Trust. Jameson and other executives became victims to the Goa'uld during this time.

Jameson disappeared because he was abducted by Jaffa. The Free Jaffa Nation, led by Gerak, were on a mission to find the fugitive Ba'al. They conducted a raid on Earth and kidnapped Alex Jameson. He was brought by ship to Dakara, where he was tortured for information regarding Ba'al’s whereabouts by both Gerak and his top aide, Yat'yir. Jameson finally broke under the torture, revealing Ba'al’s location and places of refuge.


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