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Since the defeat of Anubis, the fallen Goa'uld System Lord Ba'al has been comfortably hiding out on Earth, flourishing as an aggressive capitalist - and criminal - and laying the foundations of a new empire. While efforts to locate and capture him badly strain the alliance between the Tau'ri and the Jaffa, Ba'al has a devious plan to secure his freedom.

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With Vala missing in action after the incident at Kallana, Mitchell unites SG-1 under his command at last — and not a moment too soon. A Jaffa warrior belonging to the warlord Gerak turns up dead by the side of a rural Virginia road, and the team has to figure out why.

Mitchell and Teal'c interrogate Gerak at the Jaffa capital on Dakara, but he evades their questions. Daniel and Carter, meanwhile, head to Virginia, where they slowly uncover an intricate conspiracy involving several corporations, especially defense contractor Farrow-Marshall Aeronautics. Most of the men involved have also been linked to the Trust, a secretive international organization that was recently infiltrated by the Goa'uld. SG-1 hoped they'd solved that particular problem, but Daniel and Carter now suspect that more Goa'uld might still be operating within Earth's highest circles of power.

Back on Dakara, Ka'lel, another Jaffa leader, privately confides in Teal'c and Mitchell. Her shocking news confirms Daniel and Carter's theory: Ba'al, one of the most despotic of the Goa'uld system lords, is living incognito in the United States. Gerak has been sending Jaffa to Earth, hoping to capture Ba'al and thereby solidify his own grip on the hearts and minds of the Jaffa Council.

After Gerak's Jaffa conduct an unsuccessful raid on Farrow-Marshall's headquarters, Ba'al himself steps openly into the game. He sends a videotaped message to Stargate Command, announcing that he wishes only to conduct his business on Earth in peace. Left alone, he promises to cause no trouble. But if anyone — human or Jaffa — tries to capture him again, he'll detonate a naquadah bomb somewhere in the United States.

Letting a former system lord treat Earth as his personal playground is, of course, not an option. Mitchell and Teal'c struggle to restrain Gerak's Jaffa from making further attacks while Carter and Daniel track down Ba'al. They hope to kill him quickly and quietly, denying him time to detonate the bomb. Their plans are foiled, however, when Ba'al goes public at a TV news conference. Posing as a human businessman, he proudly announces his acquisition of Hammel Technologies, a major corporation.

SG-1 must now find a way to capture the newly famous Ba'al, outwit Gerak's Jaffa warriors, and defuse a bomb hidden in a major U.S. city — all without exposing the Stargate Program.


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