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Ares is killed in battle with Ancient technology

Earth Culture of Origin

Greek, Roman

Alternate Names / Spellings

Roman: Mars

Presides Over

Greek: God of War, or more specifically, the god of savage warfare, or bloodlust, or slaughter personified.

Roman (as Mars): The God of War and Agriculture.

Personal Symbols

Shield and Spear. The modern-day symbol for male is that of Mars, Ares' Roman counterpart: ♂

Earth Mythological References

Ares is the son of Zeus and Hera. The Amazons are his warrior daughters. The Spartans are also said to be his descendants. Ares had many consorts, but one of his lovers was Aphrodite, the mate of his brother Hephaestus. She and others bore him several children.

Stargate References

A planet once in Ares' domain and most likely abandoned when the naqaudah mines ran dry was once observed by a time traveler using an Ancient-built timeship (this Ancient is believed to be Janus, the one who invented the timeship). The time traveler's observations were carved on pillars in Ancient. When former Air Force Colonel Harry Maybourne was sent to the planet by the Tok'ra to help him avoid the death penalty for treason, he read the inscriptions and used the observations as prophecies to win the people's favor. He became their king.

About two years afterwards, the Goa'uld System Lord Ba'al was aggressively building his territory after the fall of Anubis in the battle over Antarctica, and he gave the rival System Lords very few choices: They could capitulate or be destroyed. Ares fled to his former planet where Maybourne lived. The people's technology wasn't very advanced, but they were living happily and peacefully and felt that they could overcome any attempts to overtake them because the prophecies foretold their victory. Even so, Maybourne urged them to evacuate because the prophecies didn't say anything about how many fell in order to win the battle. They still refused to leave.

SG-1 went to Maybourne's planet to warn them that Ares was on his way and to help them evacuate, but they ran into opposition from the villagers. Maybourne showed the team the pillars, and Daniel translated the inscriptions. He determined that the Ancient time traveler had left his timeship on the planet. The team searched for it, and Teal'c found it in overgrown vegetation not far from the abandoned naquadah mines.

In the meantime, Ares sent a patrol of Jaffa to the planet through the Stargate, led by Trelak. SG-1 and Trelak clashed, and Trelak ended up dead by Teal'c's hand. The final battle against Ares was fought by Brig. Gen. Jack O'Neill using the timeship that had been armed with Ancient drones. A few strategically-aimed drones penetrated the Goa'uld ha'tak's defense shield and destroyed the ship.

Ares was defeated, and the planet remained under Harry's leadership.


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