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Antarctica from space


Antarctica is the snow- and ice-covered continent at the southern pole of Earth and the location of several significant finds concerning the time when the Ancients were present on the planet millions of years ago.

Antarctica's vast frozen desert is overseen by the countries that abide by the Antarctic Treaty, which states that it is "in the interests of all mankind that Antarctica shall continue forever to be used exclusively for peaceful purposes and shall not become the scene or object of international discord."

Stargate References

Antarctic Stargate

Antarctic Stargate - Discovered by accident, the Antarctic Stargate was found about 50 miles from the McMurdo Station (U.S.). It was sent to Area 51, but its use was abused by a rogue cell of the NID, after which time it was sealed and placed under guard by Stargate Command. The Stargate was then installed as the primary Earth Stargate after the Giza Stargate was presumed destroyed, but was later found to have been recovered at the bottom of the ocean by the Russians. The Antarctic Stargate was destroyed by Anubis, and the original Giza Stargate used at Stargate Command was leased back to the U.S. by the Russians. The Antarctic Stargate was most likely the original Stargate placed on the planet by the Ancients. (1.18 "Solitudes", 2.14 "Touchstone", 3.22 "Nemesis Part 1", 4.01 "Small Victories Part 2", 4.07 "Watergate", 6.02 "Redemption Part 2", 6.04 "Frozen")

Antarctic Research Station

Antarctic Research Station - Run by the Pentagon, this station was built near the site where the Stargate was discovered. Scientists assigned to this station were there to determine the age of the Stargate, to study the remains of Jaffa guards who were found near it, and to explore the area to look for any other significant finds. They discovered a frozen woman, whom they named "Ayiana", and determined that she was of the Ancient race. (6.04 "Frozen")

Ayiana, the Ancient

Ayiana - Ayiana was found frozen in the ice not too far from where the Stargate was discovered. She was several million years old and died of complications due to a plague that wiped out her people and to the overuse of her advanced human healing powers that she used when those at the Station contracted the disease from her. (6.04 "Frozen")

Antarctic Battle

F-302s in Antarctic Battle - In order to protect SG-1 in their cargo ship while they accessed the Ancient Outpost buried under a mile of ice, squadrons of F-302s fought against Anubis's death gliders and al'kesh in one of the most significant battles on Earth. While the Prometheus hovered protectively over SG-1's cargo ship, F-302 fighters downed as many enemy craft as possible. Those F-302s that ran out of ammunition were sent to McMurdo Station, but some pilots remained in the battle even after their fighters were crippled, including future SG-1 leader, Lt. Col. Cameron Mitchell. (7.22 "Lost City Part 2", 9.01 "Avalon Part 1")

Antarctic Outpost

Antarctic Outpost - Built over the buried Ancient Outpost, this facility's exact location isn't known, but it is most likely near the Antarctic Research Station. The Outpost has a set of rings and a stasis chamber, and was formerly the site of a powerful weapons platform (used to defend Earth against Anubis and then moved to Area 51 where it was subsequently destroyed by a Wraith attack). Thought originally to be the Lost City of the Ancients, Dr. Daniel Jackson determined that this was merely an Outpost, and after conducting research at the facility, discovered that the city-ship Atlantis was actually the Lost City. (7.22 "Lost City Part 2"; Stargate Atlantis: 1.01 "Rising Part 1", 5.20 "Enemy at the Gate")


Atlantis - The city-ship Atlantis, the Lost City of the Ancients, was once stationed with the Ancient Outpost, but left Earth five to ten million years ago for the Pegasus Galaxy. Ancients returned to Earth through the Stargate 10,000 years ago, and then joined the primitive societies of that time or isolated themselves to achieve ascension. After Daniel Jackson determined the destination of Atlantis in the Pegasus Galaxy, an expedition went through the Stargate to explore the city, hoping to return with advanced weapons and technology to aid in the defense of Earth. Five years later, the city-ship Atlantis itself returned to Earth to ward off a Wraith attack and is currently sitting cloaked in the Pacific Ocean near San Francisco Bay. (10.03 "The Pegasus Project"; Stargate Atlantis: 1.15 "Before I Sleep", 5.20 "Enemy at the Gate")


Stargate SG-1

Stargate Atlantis


Stargate's location near McMurdo
O'Neill and Carter stranded in Antarctica near the Stargate
Antarctic Stargate being carried into space to explode at a safe distance
Prometheus protects SG-1's cargo ship in Antarctic Battle
Cargo ship melts ice over Outpost
Mitchell's crippled F-302 in Antarctic Battle
O'Neill uses Outpost defense weapons against Anubis's fleet
O'Neill in stasis in the Antarctic Outpost
Daniel Jackson determines the destination of Atlantis

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