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Stargate on planet


Harry Maybourne's planet was the location where the Tok'ra established the former NID agent as a sanctuary. He eventually became ruler of the local population, known as King Arkon to them.


  • Names and Designations: None known
  • Number of Suns: Unknown
  • Number of Moons: Unknown
  • Source of Address: Tok'ra
  • Introduced in Episode: 8.13 "It's Good to be King"
  • Earth Cultural/Technological Equivalent: pre-industrial
  • Main Interest: haven of Harry Maybourne
  • Influenced/Dominated by: Local people
  • History of Stargate: Unknown

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Geopolitical and Structural History

At some point in the past, and for that matter, its future, someone visited this world using a small Ancient ship with a time travel device added on to the ship's function. (A similar, if not identical "puddle jumper" invented by Janus was used in Atlantis in "Before I Sleep"). This Ancient learned much of the history of the world. Travelling back to at least a couple centuries from the present day, the time traveler recorded the events of "future history" on the planet–including celestial events and natural disasters.

Centuries passed. After Harry Maybourne and Jack O'Neill were rescued from the moon of a Furling controlled world, the Tok'ra provided Maybourne sanctuary on this planet (6.15 "Paradise Lost"). The people were peaceful and friendly. Harry took to taking long walks, including areas the villagers did not visit due to their proximity to the naquadah mines of their former enslavement (8.13 "It's Good to be King"). He discovered the Ancient pillars. His time at the NID had made him somewhat versed in Ancient, and he was able to read some of the pillars. When he saw a meteor shower happened just as written on the pillars, he realized they foretold future events as well as past ones–enough to save the village from a flood. He also used some of his basic knowledge to help the villagers engineer various improvements to their daily life, including medicines, advanced irrigation, and a legal code. For all this, the village dubbed him their leader, King Arkhan.

The Tok'ra discovered that various Goa'uld were reestablishing themselves at abandoned outposts to regroup during the system lord infighting. Ares may be returning to the abandoned world where the Tok'ra relocated Harry Maybourne (8.13 "It's Good to be King). They contacted the SGC to notify them that their sometime ally/sometime enemy was in danger. SG-1 was sent to find Harry and get him to safety.

The team was surrounded by the locals, who peacefully surrendered and hoped to find Harry's whereabouts. They were greatly surprised to find that the vaulted King Arkhan was Maybourne. He brought the team to the Ancient ruins and explained his new-found "gift of prophecy." He also revealed that within a few days, this prophecy would come to pass: " "Commencing the third moon of the fifty-fourth cycle...the oppressors of old will return… to seek dominion over the land. Those of a distant world will come … to vanquish the evil and restore order once again." Maybourne translated that as SG-1 would vanquish the Goa'uld and make the planet safe. He was unwilling to leave.

Dr. Jackson translated more of the pillars, and convinced Lt. Col. Carter they should try and search for this Ancient time machine. Teal'c found the ship just as Carter was going to call the search off. Needing someone with an Ancient gene to activate the ship, they called in Gen. O'Neill. Still working on the time ship, they convinced Harry that this prophecy may not mean there were no casualties...including King Arkhan. Harry revealed the truth to the villagers, and that he was no prophet, but the villagers refused to leave, nor would they accept King Arkhan's abdication.

SG-1 were unable to get the ship working before Ares's First Prime, Trelak and his advance team came through the Stargate. Daniel and Teal'c stayed undercover in the village while Sam and Jack remained with the ship, trying to get it to work, or blow it up if discovered. Trelak became suspicious at the uncowed populace and King Arkhan's attempts of misdirection. He ordered the villagers swept up, and Daniel and Teal'c's disguises were discovered. Meanwhile, Sam and Jack were able to get the ship to fly, shooting down some Jaffa and Ares's arriving ha'tak. The ship was also enough distraction for Teal'c, Daniel and the villagers to rise up against Trelak and his Jaffa contingent.

The planet safe once more, SG-1 and General O'Neill returned to the gate with gifts of flowers and a musical band. Maybourne planned to remain with his adopted people, including his wives.



Village of King Arkhan
Prophecy Ancient ruins
Timeship hidden in woods

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