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Captain Blasdale was a member of SG-14. When on P6Y-325, Capt. Blasdale was pinned down with Lt. Louis by Jaffa fire. The pair were separated from the rest of SG-14, who were captured by Jaffa and released after being subjected to zatarc conditioning.

Blasdale, unaware of his teammates' brainwashing, went with his team and SG-1 to Vorash, where the teams finalized negotiations for the Tok'ra/Tau'ri alliance. When Per'sus, high councillor to the Tok'ra was introduced, the zatarc conditioning took hold of Blasdale's team leader Maj. Graham. Graham began firing a Goa'uld weapon, trying to kill Per'sus and anyone nearby. Blasdale tried to stop Graham, and was killed in the struggle.


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