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Astor's memory of P6Y-325


P6Y-325 was where SG-14 and SG-15 came under attack by Jaffa while visiting the native people. Two members of SG-14 were captured while on the planet and turned into zatarcs.


  • Names and Designations: P6Y-325; Lazairia
  • Number of Suns: One
  • Number of Moons: Unknown
  • Source of Address: Unknown
  • Introduced in Episode: 4.05 "Divide and Conquer"
  • Earth Cultural/Technological Equivalent: Primitive
  • Main Interest: "Meet and greet"
  • Influenced/Dominated by: Lazairians
  • History of Stargate: Unknown

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Geopolitical Structure and History

P6Y-325 was a heavily forested world with a Stargate in a large clearing.

P6Y-325 was where SG-14 and SG-15 went for what Lieutenant Astor later recalled was a routine "meet and greet" mission with the primitive Lazairian people. Just after the sun set, death gliders attacked the village. SG-15 was already under fire at the Stargate. Lt. Astor and Maj. Graham were together, and Capt. Blasdale and Lt. Louis under fire in another area. As she recalled it, a Jaffa came out of the foliage near she and her her c.o., and the Jaffa was killed.

Anise's zatarc detector revealed the memory of shooting the Jaffa was a false one. In fact, Lt. Astor and Maj. Graham had been captured by the Jaffa and subjected to the mind control zatarc technology used by the Goa'uld. Astor had not even questioned their "luck" in the false memory because, as she put it: "I thought we were just that good." Six other SGC members, possibly including all of SG-15 and perhaps Sgt. Louis of SG-14 were killed during the mission to P6Y-325.

After Astor realized the truth, the zatarc conditioning took effect and she was forced to try to escape and/or kill herself. Maj. Graham had also become a zatarc, presumably during the same mission.


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