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SG-14 under fire on P6Y-325


SG-14 was a unit that was established sometime before the end of Season Two. The first reference to the team was in 2.20 "Show and Tell".

Stargate References

SG-14 was offworld when Charlie of the "Reetou" arrived at Stargate Command's base. (2.20 "Show and Tell"). They were not due to return to base until the following day. No further information was given about their mission.

The next mission where SG-14 was mentioned was when the Tau'ri/Tok'ra alliance was nearing its completion (4.05 "Divide and Conquer"). The negotiations were finalized, and the Tok'ra leader Per'sus was meeting the SGC delegation of SG-1 and SG-14 when SG-14's leader, Major Graham started firing at the crowd using a Goa'uld ring weapon, killing Captain Blasdale of his own team. After everyone else took cover, the major unwillingly killed himself with the weapon.

A zatarc'ed Maj. Graham on Vorash
Lt. Astor under the zatarc detector

Later, it was discovered that on a previous mission to P6Y-325 with SG-15, two members of SG-14, Major Graham and Lieutenant Astor, had been captured by the Goa'uld and subjected to brainwashing. The mission had been a standard meet and greet with some primitive natives. After sunset, the village had been attacked by death gliders. The Stargate clearing was full of Jaffa and SG-15 was under fire. SG-14 was split. Capt. Blasdale and Sgt. Louis were pinned down in one area and Maj. Graham and Lt. Astor were stuck in another. Astor and Graham were captured. Sgt. Louis may or may not have been killed during this mission.

The captured Graham and Astor became zatarcs—unconsciously instructed to fulfill a mission, in this case assassination. When/if the mission failed or they were discovered to be zatarcs, an additional "suicide" command was induced. Graham and Astor had no memory of being captured; in fact part of the brainwashing was that they remembered and believed a completely false memory. Only Tok'ra technology revealed the truth when Lt. Astor was forced to remember the P6Y-325 mission while hooked up to a zatarc dectector. Unfortunately, after realizing the truth, a failsafe part of the brainwashing influenced Astor and she was forced to shoot herself, dying and obliterating evidence of how the brainwashing occurred.

SG-14 was next mentioned when the SGC was rounding up Ba'al's clones throughout the galaxy (10.04 "Insiders"). The team brought in the last two clones that Stargate Command knew about. Whether or not they had captured other clones was unknown.


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