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Still dealing with the death of one of their own, SG-1 must put its mourning aside in order to confront the warlord Anubis—who has captured the Asgard leader Thor so he can extract the secrets of their ancient technology for universal domination.

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MGM Official Summary

SG-1 undertakes a mission to prevent Asgard technology from falling into the hands of the Goa'uld.

SciFi.com Official Summary

The Asgard contact SGC and report that Thor was killed during an encounter with the Goa'uld. Worse, the Goa'uld have upgraded their shields and weapons, and the Asgard can no longer count on winning conflicts against them. An Asgard named Heimdall is conducting crucial experiments at an Asgard research station, but Anubis has blockaded the planet. SGC is asked to rescue Heimdall and his research.

SG-1 is sent in the Goa'uld cargo ship they recovered, and uses its cloaking device to bypass the blockade. Upon arriving, however, they learn that Thor is alive and being held prisoner, and Heimdall insists that they rescue him as well. Now they have to get past the Goa'ulds' new, stronger shields and onto the ships above. Then they must find and rescue Thor and escape with him, Heimdall and the research—all while Anubis is searching for their exact location. In the process, the team learns some startling information about their own allies.


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