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The Gadmeer were an advanced and peaceful civilization overrun by a great military power. In order to preserve their 10,000-year-old civilization, they built a large terraforming ship which would transform planet P5S-381 into a sulfur-based ecosystem suitable to sustain their transplanted lifeforms.

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Gadmeer close-up
Lotan the android
Gadmeer terraforming ship
SG-1 study microcopic life of Gadmeer

The Gadmeer were a peaceful and technologically advanced 10,000 year old civilization which was eventually overrun by an unnamed alien race. In an attempt to preserve their life, and their quality of life, the Gadmeer built an automated ship and filled it with microscopic specimens of every biologic and chemical aspect of their civilization, plants, animals, and themselves. They also stored all of their science, mathematics, medicine, art, philosophy in the ship's computer.

The ship was on automatic pilot; its mission to find an appropriate new home for the Gadmeer civilization. There were 2,634 criteria that had to be met for an ideal home. After scanning millions of worlds, the Gadmeer ship found a perfect world on P5S-381. The ship began the terraforming process. Since the Gadmeer were a sulfur-based life form, the carbon-friendly environment needed to be changed to suit their needs. Unfortunately, after the scanning, the Enkarans arrived through the Stargate. The SGC had discovered this world had the unique atmosphere that would save the Enkaran people. However, the Gadmeer's terraforming would be toxic and destroy the Enkaran race.

The ship created Lotan, a biomechanical creation who looked like an Enkaran. He was designed by the Gadmeer ship to communicate with the Enkarans and tell them that they needed to leave before the entire planet was transformed. Once the terraforming process had been started, it had to be completed because there was only enough material to transform one planet and P5S-381 had met all of the Gadmeer's criteria.

Daniel Jackson continued to speak to Lotan, trying to convince the android to stop the terraforming process. Eventually, his impassioned pleas to stop and consider the Gadmeer's own respect for life gave Lotan pause. The Gadmeer ship stopped its terraforming temporarily and Daniel Jackson suggested that perhaps the ship's database of scanned planets may contain a home suitable for the Enkarans. Lotan searched and found a world likely the Enkarans original homeworld. It was deemed unsuitable, among other reasons, because it held intelligent life.

Lotan was agreeable to use the ship to transport all the Enkarans to their old homeworld. Afterwards, the ship would return to P5S-381 and complete the terraforming process. Not wishing for Lotan to be reintegrated into the ship's systems, the Enkarans insisted that he stay with them, because, to them, he was Enkaran.

Notable Characters

  • Lotan was a biomechanical lifeform created by the ship's computer in order to communicate with the Enkarans. After successfully reaching a compromise with Daniel Jackson on behalf of the Enkarans, Lotan agreed to stay with the Enkaran people instead of being reincorporated into the ship's systems.


  • Enkarans - although at first at odds over wanting to possess the same planet, the Enkarans and Gadmeer came to an understanding and the Gadmeer ship returned the Enkarans to their original home.
  • SGC - through some careful diplomacy by Daniel Jackson, the peaceful Gadmeer reached an understanding with the Enkarans and SG-1 as their emissaries. Even while in dispute, the Gadmeer android was happy to share the Gadmeer language and culture with SG-1.


  • An unnamed enemy with superior military power destroyed the original Gadmeer home.


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