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Enkarans celebrate new world


The Enkarans were an enslaved people whom the SGC helped to relocate to a new planet which had special environmental conditions to accommodate their extreme sensitivity to UV radiation. Unfortunately, the new planet to which they were relocated had in the meantime been found by another civilization, the Gadmeer, which aimed at transforming it into an environment suited for their needs: needs which would mean the end of the Enkarans living on the planet.

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Hedrazar, Enkaran leader
Outspoken Eliam
Eliam's wife, Nikka

While actively searching for a new homeworld for the Enkarans, the SGC was temporarily without the use of their Stargate because the Russians had started a Stargate Program of their own and because they had the DHD to go with their Stargate, theirs became the primary Stargate on Earth. Eventually, the Russians discontinued their Stargate Program after a series of nonproductive missions. By the time that the SGC regained control of their Stargate, many of the Enkarans had already begun feeling the ill effects of the UV radiation of Earth. It was essential that a new homeworld be found for them, or they would all eventually go blind and then die. (4.07 "Watergate", 4.08 "Scorched Earth")

The SGC finally found the right kind of environment for the Enkarans on the planet P5S-381. Although its seasons ran a bit colder than what the Enkarans were used to, it had the proper protection against the UV radiation to which they were so sensitive. The Enkarans themselves appeared to be human, except for their yellow eyes and their genetic mutation which caused their UV sensitivity. Their people had been taken by the Goa'uld from their homeworld in spaceships, so there was no Stargate which could be used to return them there. Additionally, the location of their homeworld had been lost to them since they passed on their history through oral tradition.

It took two weeks to transplant all of the Enkarans, and there were thousands of them who spread out far from the Stargate on P5S-381 to build villages. The SGC gave each village a naquadah reactor, estimated to give the village a year's worth of power. The villages were first established with large tents, but the permanent settlement was to be comprised of woodframe structures.

After about a month on the new planet, Hedrazar, the leader of the Enkarans, and her village celebrated their new home with SG-1 as honored guests. Hedrazar even promised to name her new grandchild after O'Neill. She thought for sure that Eliam and Nikka would be having the first Enkaran born on the new homeworld, but during this happy occasion, one of the nearby villagers, Caleb, ran breathlessly into their settlement to tell them of a ship which destroyed his entire village. He came to warn Hedrazar that her village needed to be evacuated at once.

Caleb of a nearby village
Biomechanical Enkaran Lotan

SG-1 investigated the ship and found that it was terraforming the planet to support a sulfur-based ecosystem. They determined that there was not enough time for SG-5, SG-6, and SG-9 to find a new homeworld before the ship reached the Stargate. Even while they still had access to the Stargate, they couldn't evacuate everyone in time. Eventually, they made contact with the ship and were beamed aboard. They met a synthetic lifeform named Lotan, a biomechanical creation who looked like an Enkaran. He was designed to communicate with the Enkarans and tell them that they needed to leave before the entire planet was transformed. Lotan explainedd that when the ship, belonging to a 10,000-year-old civilization known as the Gadmeer, had first arrived, the planet was not inhabited and that once the terraforming process had been started, it had to be completed because there was only enough material to transform one planet and P5S-381 had met all of the Gadmeer's criteria. The Gadmeer were a peaceful race which fled from an unnamed mighty military power.

Hedrazar insisted that if not all of the villages could be evacuated, that they would all die together. This left SG-1 in a difficult position. Gen. Hammond did not support a full military engagement against the ship to stop its progress, but insisted that negotiations be attempted first. Daniel Jackson established a friendly relationship with Lotan and eventually the use of the naquadah bomb that O'Neill ordered Carter to engineer from the naquadah reactor was not necessary. Lotan found that the ship had scanned the Enkarans' original homeworld and he agreed to stop the terraforming, take the Enkarans to their homeworld, and have the ship return to complete the re-introduction of the Gadmeer civilization on P5S-381. Not wishing for Lotan to be reintegrated into the ship's systems, the Enkarans insisted that he stay with them, because, to them, he was Enkaran.

Notable Characters

  • Caleb - His village was the first to be destroyed when the Gadmeer terraforming ship approaches the stargate.
  • Eliam - He was a village leader, along with Hedrazar, who wanted to fight for the right to stay on their new homeworld.
  • Hedrazar - She was the village leader who stood firm that if not all of her people could leave the planet, then they would all die there.
  • Lotan - He was a biomechanical lifeform generated by the Gadmeer terraforming ship to act as a liaison between the Enkarans and the Gadmeer.
  • Nikka - She was the wife of Eliam and was expecting a baby.


  • SGC - They helped the Enkarans find a new homeworld and negotiated with the Gadmeer, represented by Lotan, on a peaceful solution to the claims on P5S-381.


  • Gadmeer - Although their relationship with the Gadmeer started on very shaky ground, Daniel Jackson found a peaceful solution which recognized the needs of all parties involved with the conflict over the planet.


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