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Enkarans on P5S-381
Gadmeer ship terraforming P5S-381


P5S-381 is a planet with an extraordinarily thick ozone layer. It has been terraformed to be the new homeworld of the Gadmeer, a sulfur based life form.


  • Names and Designations: P5S-381
  • Number of Suns: One
  • Number of Moons: Unknown
  • Source of Address: Abydos Cartouche/Ancient Repository
  • Introduced in Episode: 4.09 "Scorched Earth"
  • Earth Cultural/Technological Equivalent: Previously not home to any intelligent life.
  • Main Interest: Humanitarian; environmental conditions ideal for refugee Enkarans
  • Influenced/Dominated by: Currently, the Gadmeer, an advanced alien species
  • History of Stargate: Unknown

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Geopolitical Structure and History

P5S-381's unusually thick ozone layer made the planet an ideal location for the relocation of the Enkarans. The Enkarans were a humanoid species who were particularly sensitive to ultraviolet radiation. Unless in an adequately protected atmosphere, the Enkarans would go blind and eventually die from the exposure. Although its seasons ran a bit colder than what the Enkarans were used to, it had the proper protection against the UV radiation to which they were so sensitive.

Unfortunately, these same features and other ones made the planet the ideal location for the Gadmeer to relocate. The Gadmeer too were trying to find a new home to rebuild their 10,000 year old civilization after an enemy destroyed their old home. Since the Gadmeer were a sulfur based life form, they needed to terraform the planet to make it suitable for their life. Unfortunately, by doing so, they would make the planet uninhabitable for carbon based life forms, like trees, humans, and the Enkarans. When the Gadmeer first scanned P5S-381, no intelligent life forms were present, so the ship went there to begin the terraforming process.

It took two weeks to transplant all of the Enkarans, and there were thousands of them who spread out far from the Stargate on P5S-381 to build villages. The SGC gave each village a naquadah reactor, estimated to give the village a year's worth of power. The villages were first established with large tents, but the permanent settlement was to be comprised of woodframe structures. About a month after first arriving on the planet, the Enkarans held a celebration with SG-1 as honored guests. During the event, one of the nearby villagers, Caleb, ran breathlessly into their settlement to tell them of a ship which destroyed his entire village. He came to warn Hedrazar that her village needed to be evacuated at once.

After observation, SG-1 determined that it was terraforming the planet to support a sulfur-based ecosystem. There was not enough time to find a new homeworld before the ship reached the Stargate. Even while they still had access to the Stargate, they couldn't evacuate everyone in time. Eventually, they made contact with the ship and were beamed aboard. They met a synthetic lifeform named Lotan, a biomechanical creation who looked like an Enkaran. He was designed by the Gadmeer ship to communicate with the Enkarans and tell them that they needed to leave before the entire planet was transformed. Once the terraforming process had been started, it had to be completed because there was only enough material to transform one planet and P5S-381 had met all of the Gadmeer's criteria.

Hedrazar insisted that if not all of the villages could be evacuated, that they would all die together. This left SG-1 in a difficult position. Gen. Hammond did not support a full military engagement against the ship to stop its progress, but insisted that negotiations be attempted first. Col. O'Neill desperate to help the Enkaran people he had grown close to, ordered Major Carter to cause an overload in the naquadah reactor, essentially making it a bomb. In the meantime, Daniel Jackson established a friendly relationship with Lotan, and was able to convince Lotan to pause the terraforming process. Lotan had discovered the "bomb", and was able to transport it harmlessly away.

Further discussion between Daniel and Lotan led to the discovery that the Gadmeer ship had scanned the Enkarans' original homeworld and dismissed it as a possibility because, among other reasons, it held intelligent life. Lotan was agreeable to use the ship to transport all the Enkarans to their old homeworld. Afterwards, the ship would return to P5S-381 and complete the terraforming process. Not wishing for Lotan to be reintegrated into the ship's systems, the Enkarans insisted that he stay with them, because, to them, he was Enkaran.


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