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Inago is a Jaffa who has taken selling wares on the black market to earn money after the fall of the Goa'uld.

Character Biography

After the fall of the Goa'uld, Inago resorted to selling wares on an unnamed planet. Vala described him as a "filthy double-talking slug". He attempted to sell a passer-by a "one of a kind" bladed knife used by the First Prime of Bastet. When the customer wasn't interested, he immediately pulled out an identical knife and offered "two for five". He was very distrustful when two new "customers" (Daniel Jackson and Cameron Mitchell) came to his stand claiming to be from a mutual friend. At the mention of Vala Mal Doran's name, he drew a zat weapon on them.

Inago's last dealing with Vala had not proven profitable. He thought he was getting the better of her in their last deal. He told her a power coil to an obsolete cargo ship was a Goa'uld force shield inhibitor and traded it for a necklace Vala claimed was a priceless heirloom from the House of Verenna. It turned out the necklace was worthless. Sore after being outsmarted and losing the power coil it turned out he now needed, he swore he would kill Vala the next time he saw her. Instead, while he was distracted by Daniel and Cameron, Vala snuck up behind him and drew her own weapon.

After trading barbs, the two reluctantly agreed at Daniel and Cameron's threats to do an even trade of the necklace for the power coil. However, Vala did not have the power coil in her possession, so she and the men left to retrieve it. Eventually they returned and Vala and Inago traded back their items. Inago never learned why Vala wanted the necklace, and she never learned why he needed the power coil.


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