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Haikon relates Ishkur's story

Earth Culture of Origin

Sumarian; Babylonian; Assyrian

Alternate Names / Spellings

Babylonian/Akkadian: Adad

Presides Over

God of storms and rain

Personal Symbols

Sacred number: 6. Carries a lightning fork (Babylonian). In Sumarian depictions, seen with a lion-dragon or bull.

Earth Mythological References

The Sumarian god Ishkur didn't reach the popularity as the god of storms and rain as he did with his Babylonian counterpart, Adad, most likely because rain was scarce in his part of the world. Because he was a nature god, he was put in the same class as the Babylonian sun god, Shamash.

Among the Assyrians, his cult was especially developed along with his warrior aspect.

Ishkur's consort was Shala, the goddess of grain.

Stargate References

Five thousand years ago, the ancestors of the current Sodan Jaffa population were part of an elite command force under the Goa'uld Ishkur. For years, they pillaged and plundered under his name. The further they ascended among Ishkur's ranks, the more they realized that Ishkur was not a god at all, but merely an imposter. The Sodan determined the true gods were those that came before them, namely the Ancients. (9.08 "Babylon")

Ishkur branded the Sodan traitors and ordered their deaths. They tried to fight and convert other Jaffa, but the odds were too great, and they were forced to flee. They set out to find Kheb, hoping that their souls would find peace. Instead, their search led them to P9G-844 and it was on this planet that SG-1 discovered the Sodan's descendants. Their leader, Lord Haikon, told Mitchell of Ishkur's past, but didn't tell him what became of Ishkur after the Sodan warriors fled those many thousands of years ago. (9.08 "Babylon")


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