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Gravely wounded in a battle with Sodan warrior Volnek, Mitchell is taken captive by the legendary Sodan Jaffa sect and nursed back to health in order to prepare him for a fight to the death as atonement for spilling sacred Sodan blood. Meanwhile, Teal'c, Carter and Daniel struggle to convince the 'dead' Sodan they're not his enemy.

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Throughout his life, Teal'c has heard rumors about the Warriors of Sodan: Jaffa who rebelled against the Goa'uld system lord Ishkur more than 5,000 years ago, then retreated to a hidden planet where they still live in freedom.

Having located the planet, SG-1 is eager to meet these legendary warriors. But the team doesn't get a warm greeting — instead, they're ambushed. In the firefight, Mitchell is separated from the others. By the time Teal'c, Daniel and Carter reach his location, he has vanished, along with all the Jaffa. Only one badly injured warrior remains behind.

SG-1 sends the captured Jaffa back to Earth for medical treatment and begins a massive search for Mitchell. They find no sign of him, only an obelisk bearing Ancient writing and emitting an energy signature. Daniel and Carter think it can transport them to Mitchell — if they can make it work. They hope that the injured Jaffa on Earth can help them when he wakes up.

Mitchell himself awakens in the hidden village of the Warriors of Sodan. His captors cure his injuries, only to inform him that because he has shed Sodan blood, he must suffer Kel Shak Lo, a ritual battle to the death against a Sodan Warrior. He'll almost certainly be killed.

The Sodan value honor, however, so they feel obligated to teach Mitchell their fighting style before the duel. Jolan, a cold, unsympathetic man, becomes Mitchell's instructor. As days pass, Mitchell learns more than just Sodan battle tactics. His captors possess a few pieces of Ancient technology and prize their hard-won Ancient knowledge. They believe that, because they are so close to enlightenment, they shouldn't condescend to care about the rest of the galaxy. Nonetheless, Mitchell's skill and determination slowly earn Jolan's grudging respect.

Then, to Mitchell's horror, a Prior of the Ori arrives and is welcomed as a returning friend. His promises of wisdom and power have appealed to the proud Warriors. Mitchell warns Jolan that the Ori are dangerous, but he's too late. The Warriors of Sodan officially become worshippers of the Ori. And Mitchell's battle is only a few days away.

Back on Earth, Teal'c and Daniel have interrogated their Jaffa prisoner, but he refuses to help them find their friend. With Gen. Landry under budgetary pressure to end the expensive search, SG-1 is out of options. Unless Mitchell can win Jolan's trust, he'll be listed as MIA.


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