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Sodan Village


P9G-844 was the Sodan homeworld. The Sodan, a group of free Jaffa who broke away from their Goa'uld master, Ishkur, 5,000 years ago, found this planet in their search for Kheb. Discovering Ancient technology on the planet, they made this world their home. SG-1 first visited the planet in the episode 9.08 "Babylon".


  • Names and Designations: P9G-844
  • Number of Suns: One
  • Number of Moons: Unknown
  • Source of Address: Teal'c's contacts within the Free Jaffa Nation
  • Introduced in Episode: 9.08 "Babylon"
  • Earth Cultural/Technological Equivalent: Advanced Ancient and Goa'uld Technology; simple living culture
  • Main Interest: Sodan
  • Influenced/Dominated by: Sodan Jaffa
  • History of Stargate: Unknown

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Geopolitical Structure and History

P9G-844 was at least visited, if not settled by the Ancients. After they disappeared, they left remnants of their civilization behind. Stone walls filled with Ancient writing were in an area near where the Sodan eventually settled. The Ancients left behind information describing their technology, such as the Sodan personal cloaking devices, which made the user invisible to others when worn. Aside from the Stargate itself, the Ancients also left behind another device which could transport individuals from one location on the planet to another instantaneously. The Ancients called the device something Daniel Jackson translated as the "Gateway to Enlightenment." The Sodan called it "The Eye of the Gods."

After breaking away from their Goa'uld master, the Sodan Jaffa sought to find enlightenment and the mythical world of Kheb. The quest brought them to P9G-844. Although they soon realized this world was not the Kheb of legend, they discovered the Ancient technology that would keep them hidden and perhaps help them on the path to enlightenment. They continued to worship the Ancients as gods and lived on the planet for 5,000 years, occasionally conducting raids to obtain new primtas (larval Goa'ulds). They would also leave the world to trade for food and other goods and grew their own crops in the village.

A Prior visited the planet and sought to convert the Sodan to the Path of Origin by healing their sick and increasing the yield of their harvests. He convinced the Sodan that the Tau'ri and free Jaffa seeking them out were enemies. When SG-1 went to the planet searching for the Sodan in the hopes of establishing an alliance, the Sodan attacked them. Mitchell and a Sodan warrior named Volnek were both seriously injured in a one on one battle. The Sodan took Mitchell with them, but were not able to retrieve Volnek before SGC reinforcements arrived.

Mitchell was nursed back to health in the Sodan village. He was trained in jomo se telek to participate in kel shak lo, a ritual battle to the death to atone for spilling the blood of a Sodan warrior. Mitchell got to know the Sodan during his time there, and tried to convince them that the Prior was showing them a false faith. He was able to convince his trainer, Volnek's brother Jolan, who in turn convinced some others.

The Sodan leader, Haikon, and others, including the recovered Volnek, also came to believe Mitchell when they discovered for themselves the destructive ways of the Priors and the Ori (9.12 "The Fourth Horseman Part 2"). They assisted the Tau'ri in setting up a trap for the Prior in the Sodan village with an anti-Prior weapon developed at the SGC. Daniel Jackson, SG-22, Cameron Mitchell, and eventually even General Landry confronted the Prior in the Sodan village. The Prior eventually was able to counteract the weapon's effect and attacked General Landry before being shot, presumably killed.

Later, the Ori sought revenge upon the Sodan (9.18 "Arthur's Mantle). A Prior approached Volnek while he was offworld and infected him with a strange condition. After a few days, the warrior became very ill and apparently died from a "rabies-like" illness. Now essentially undead, Volnek went on a killing rampage, slaughtering all the Sodan, including the women and children and destroying much of the village. He also disabled the Eye of the Gods, but not before some warriors were able to contact the SGC for help. Volnek was eventually stopped by a trap set by SG-3, Teal'c, and Cameron Mitchell. The only Sodan believed to survive the massacre was Haikon.

Since the population of the planet was all killed, it is unclear if anyone remains on the planet to study the Ancient technology.

Locations on the Planet

  • The Chappa'ai: The Stargate is near a heavily forested area of the planet.
  • The Eye of the Gods: The Sodan name for an Ancient teleportation device shaped like an obelisk. This device allows travelers to instantly move from one side of the continent, where the Stargate is, to the other, near the Sodan village. To travel this same distance by foot would take many months crossing difficult terrain.
  • Dor'ta'nak: a mountain range that separates the Sodan village from the area of the continent where the Stargate is housed. The terrain between the two areas is very treacherous. No one who has attempted to travel it by foot has ever survived.
  • Sodan Village: The Sodan village is in the style of a simplistic Asian settlement near the area of some Ancient ruins. It is nestled among a heavily forested area on the other side of the continent from the Stargate.


Path to village
Haikon at ruins
Jolan & Mitchell at training area
Balcony to Haikon's hut
Interior Haikon's hut
Woods training area
Eye of the Gods near village
Prior trapped in training circle
Teal'c & SG-12 approach destroyed Sodan village


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