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Sport: As a spectator, hockey. He has mentioned curling several times, though we are never sure if his references are out of interest or meant as levity. He also plays golf... through the Stargate when possible (4.06 "Window of Opportunity").

Drink: beer; Heineken is a favorite (8.14 "Full Alert").

Breakfast food: Fruit Loops, though that may have been displaced by oatmeal after a repeated diet of the cereal during the time loop in which the same day repeated for an unknown but large number of days (4.06 "Window of Opportunity").

Dinner food: Pizza, Chinese, Mexican, all of which were present in his kitchen when he was abducted by Loki (7.03 "Fragile Balance"). He also likes to barbecue, though he doesn't seem very good at it (8.18 "Threads").

Actress: Mary Steenburgen. This began with mention of Jack's private thoughts by an entity called Urgo (3.16 "Urgo"). He also mentions her while being interviewed by a documentary producer (7.17 "Heroes Part 1"). Joe Spencer invoked Jack's 'thing' for her when making the case that he knew him (8.15 "Citizen Joe").

TV Channels: C-SPAN, a current affairs channel (2.14 "Touchstone") and, presumably, ESPN for sports coverage. He has also mentioned Showtime (1.22 "Within the Serpent's Grasp"), but since he doesn't watch a lot of movies, that might well be a joke.

TV Programs: The Simpsons (4.10 "Beneath the Surface", 6.04 "Frozen", 7.21 "The Lost City Part 1", 8.15 "Citizen Joe"), which may have replaced Starsky and Hutch (4.15 "Chain Reaction", 5.11 "Desperate Measures") in his heart.

Music: Opera (3.18 "Shades of Grey"). The opera was by Leoncavallo and the extract heard was from Pagliacci (The Clowns).

Magazines: MAD Magazine (3.18 "Shades of Grey"), National Geographic (5.11 "Desperate Measures") and Cracked (7.03 "Fragile Balance"). Mad and Cracked are devoted to comedy, parody and humour.

Animals/Pets: Dogs (3.05 "Learning Curve", 4.16 "2010")

Movies: The Wizard of Oz (4.17 "Absolute Power", 6.16 "Metamorphosis")

Vehicle of choice: Dark green extended cab Ford F250 pickup truck (5.11 "Desperate Measures", 6.13 "Sight Unseen", 7.03 "Fragile Balance", 8.14 "Full Alert") though he has expressed appreciation for older models of the Corvette (2.21 "1969").

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