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Military service and wormhole travel are a dangerous combination, and Jack O'Neill has had his fair share of injuries and worse along the way.

Prior to SGC duty

On various missions: Nine broken bones, severe concussion, skull fracture.

Off-world Missions

P3X-797 (Land of Light): Contracted parasitic histaminolytic virus which regressed him to a primitive state, and was consequently cured with heavy doses of antihistamines (1.05 "The Broca Divide").

P3X-562: Severe shock resulting from contact with Unity crystal (1.07 "Cold Lazarus").

P3X-774: Killed by Jaffa troops under Apophis; resurrected by the Nox (1.08 "The Nox").

P3X-8596 (Argos): Age artificially accelerated to approximately 90 years by nano-technology; restored to actual age once the nanites were turned off (1.09 "Brief Candle").

P3X-866 (Oannes): False memory implanted of Daniel Jackson's death, resulting in photosensitivity, headache and post-traumatic stress symptoms (1.13 "Fire and Water").

P3X-989 (Altair): Stunned and knocked unconscious, and consequently duplicated, his consciousness copied into the mechanical double (1.19 "Tin Man").

P3R-636: Struck in back of left knee, forced to work in naquadah mines without rest for several days (2.05 "Need").

P3R-272 (The Place of Our Legacy): This event is questionable as an injury, since an alien database from the Ancients was downloaded into Jack's brain. The results of this information transfer caused him to lose the ability to communicate in any language other than that of the Ancients, as his own memories were overwritten by the technology. During this period, he drew up detailed plans for repairing a DHD in order to save Capt. Carter and Teal'c, who were marooned on a planet with no way home since their gate was stuck in mid-dial. He also wrote a formula in base 8 math for calculating planetary distance, and entered new programming into the SGC dialing computer locating many Stargates not on the Abydos cartouche. Lastly, he engineered a power source which allowed use of the Stargate's eighth chevron as a distance calculator; this enabled him to travel to the Asgard homeworld Othala, in the galaxy of Ida, for help. Had the programming not been reversed by the Asgard, Col. O'Neill would likely have died (2.16 "The Fifth Race").

PJ2-445: Severe headache and aggravated irritability due to ultrasonic assault from injured plant life. This affliction only existed while on the planet, or when listening to tapes recorded there. Once back on Earth, the condition vanished (2.19 "One False Step").

Hathor's planet (designation not known): O'Neill was cryogenically frozen and implanted with a Tok'ra memory stimulation device. The device was later removed. He was also briefly implanted with a Goa'uld symbiote, but returned to the cryochamber almost immediately afterward, which prompted the symbiote to die without finishing the process of blending. No protein markers or other evidence of implantation remained (2.22 "Out of Mind Part 1", 3.01 "Into the Fire Part 2"). He was also shot by a zat'nik'tel.

Unnamed/designated world: Struck by lightning (3.08 "Demons").

Unnamed/designated world: Shot by an intar (3.09 "Rules of Engagement").

Netu: Attacked with a Goa'uld ribbon device (3.12 "Jolinar's Memories"). He was also forced to drink the Blood of Sokar, a powerful narcotic that causes very realistic hallucinations, and took a hit from a staff weapon just above the right knee (3.13 "The Devil You Know Part 2").

P4X-884: Though this event also might not qualify as an injury, O'Neill's brain was implanted with a device designed to record information from gate explorers, but the device malfunctioned, allowing him and the other members of SG-1 to interact with the device's program, a being called Urgo. Both when the device was implanted and later when it was removed, he had no memory of Togar, the creator of the device (3.16 "Urgo").

P2X-416 (Bedrosia/Optrica): Rendered unconscious by a Bedrosian force field, and consequently taken prisoner. He was also shot with a zat'nik'tel and fell unconscious against an electrified cage, where Daniel feared he would die before the electricity was turned off. O'Neill and the rest of SG-1 were rescued by Teal'c and an alien, Nyan, and returned to Earth (3.19 "New Ground").

P7X-377: Suffered muon radiation sickness, but recovered with no permanent ill effects (3.21 "Crystal Skull"). He was also rendered temporarily invisible along with Carter and Nicholas Ballard, and was reunited with the missing Daniel Jackson. And giant aliens.

P4X-347: Addiction to the hypnotic light-projecting device on the planet, and subsequent withdrawal upon returning to Earth. The team discovered a gradual reduction in the output of the device would allow them a painless withdrawal, whereupon they would be free to leave the planet (4.18 "The Light").

M4C-862: Shot once with a zat'nik'tel and attacked by energy beings native to the planet (4.19 "Prodigy").

Vorash: Shot once with a zat'nik'tel (4.22 "Exodus Part 1").

P7S-441: Though not exactly an injury, his memory was affected by an alien chemical which made him think the alien Reol traveling with him was one of his teammates (5.04 "The Fifth Man").

Unnamed/designated world: Shot with a zat'nik'tel and tortured with a firestick after trying to free primitive Unas from their human slave masters (5.07 "Beast of Burden").

P2X-338: Knocked out by a ribbon device (5.08 "The Tomb").

P3X-116: Wounded while escaping an attack by Tanith. He received a concussion and stitches to the forehead (5.14 "48 Hours").

P2A-018 (Latona): Shot by a zat'nik'tel and tortured by a Goa'uld device wielded by Svarog's Jaffa troops (5.20 "The Sentinel").

Adara System: While aboard Anubis' mothership, he passed out from a leak of hyperdrive coolant, which had flooded the compartment in order that he and Teal'c might be taken prisoner (5.22 "Revelations").

P2X-374: During an attack by primitive natives, O'Neill suffered a partially torn ligament in the right knee (6.01 "Redemption Part 1").

Ba'al's secret outpost: The Tok'ra Kanan forced O'Neill to return to this world to rescue Ba'al's lotar, with whom the symbiote was in love. Ba'al's Jaffa killed Jack with a staff weapon as he attempted to get to the Stargate. The symbiote left him, and the troops returned Jack to Ba'al's custody where he was repeatedly tortured to death and revived in a sarcophagus. He was stabbed three times in the chest and tortured with tal'vak acid. Revived at least four times, he also suffered withdrawal symptoms due to sarcophagus addiction (6.06 "Abyss").

Khonsu's planet: Shot by a zat'nik'tel and tortured with a Goa'uld device after being deliberately captured in order to rendezvous with a Tok'ra operative (6.08 "The Other Guys").

P2A-437: Knocked unconscious by a mysterious energy surge aboard a crashed alien spaceship. The surge was used by ship's officer Pharrin in an attempt to use SG-1 as lifeboats for dispossesed souls (7.06 "Lifeboat").

P3X-403: Slashed across the shoulder by an enraged Unas, the Alpha Male Iron Shirt (7.07 "Enemy Mine").

P3X-666: Struck by a staff weapon blast to the chest while in battle with a force of Jaffa. A new ceramic-polymer body armour prevented serious injury, though the blast left him unconscious and smoldering on the field of battle (7.17 "Heroes Part 2").

P3X-439: With no other options, once again took a download from an Ancients' knowledge repository, knowing that unless the Asgard could be contacted, the knowledge would take over his brain and eventually kill him (7.21 "The Lost City Part 1"). By the time he destroyed Anubis, Jack was nearly dead and had to be placed in a stasis chamber (7.22 "The Lost City Part 2").

Aboard Alien Vessels

Apophis' ha'tak: Shot by zat'nik'tel (1.22 "Within the Serpent's Grasp Part 1"), blinded and knocked unconscious by Goa'uld shock grenade, bitten on the hand by Capt. Carter (2.01 "The Serpent's Lair Part 2").

X-301 Interceptor: Suffered from anoxia (oxygen deprivation) and severe cold when launched into deep space by a homing device implanted in the Goa'uld death glider, from which the craft had partially been made (4.12 "Tangent").

Earth, SGC Base

  • Subjected to Goa'uld mind control via a super-hormone and tranquilizer-like substance which makes its victim susceptible to post-hypnotic suggestion. Also had his immune system destroyed and was given a Jaffa incubation pouch. He was restored to health through Hathor's sarcophagus (1.14 "Hathor").
  • Orb from P5C-353 impaled O'Neill in the left shoulder, pinning him to the gate room wall. The organisms from the orb consequently infected him and began eating him, his clothes and the base itself. He was given antibiotics, which slowed the progress of the invasion, but eventually the organisms were allowed to take over his body. He briefly had no pulse while the organisms used his body to communicate with SGC personnel. Once a suitable new home was located for the organisms, they retreated from his body and restored him to full health (2.07 "Message in a Bottle").
  • Briefing room: Shot through upper right arm by arrow coming through the Stargate (2.13 "Spirits")
  • Gate room: Severe injuries from proximity to exploding shape charge, designed to disengage the active wormhole from a black hole (2.15 "A Matter of Time").
  • Infirmary: Shot in the right shoulder by a Reetou weapon (2.20 "Show and Tell").
  • Isolation room: Infected by three of Ma'chello's Goa'uld-eradicating devices. Because no symbiote was present, these machines caused symptoms of schizophrenia including vivid hallucinations and hearing voices. The machines were expunged from him after he was injected with a protein marker from Carter's blood, fooling the machines into thinking that the host had been freed from the symbiote and their purpose therefore fulfilled (3.04 "Legacy").
  • Sedated, then sent to sublevel 23 to be duplicated by an alien machine and placed in suspended animation. He was awakened from that state when Maj. Carter killed the alien linked to him (3.14 "Foothold").
  • Using the Atanik armband, he was subjected to a viral infection that caused fever, but the results were increased metabolism, strength, speed, and memory retention. The armbands also provided a euphoric reaction, which caused him and the other human team members to make irrational decisions. As their bodies developed an immunity to the virus, the powers faded and the armbands fell off (4.03 "Upgrades").
  • Training Grounds: Apparently shot in the abdomen at close range, though this was part of a planned simulation for the trainees. He was later shot in Carter's lab with an intar by Lt. Elliot (5.13 "Proving Ground").
  • Possessed by Anubis, who wanted to use his body to get through the Stargate in corporeal form. Anubis' departure left him momentarily unconscious (8.03 "Lockdown").

Other Earth Locations

P4A-771/Antarctica: After coming under attack from Jaffa energy weapons, O'Neill sustained a fractured right tibia, three fractured ribs, internal bleeding and severe hypothermia. Upon being returned to the SGC base, he was treated and recovered (1.18 "Solitudes").

Near Seattle, WA: Infected with nish'ta, a chemical that makes the mind extremely pliable. This event caused him to temporarily become one of Seth's followers, until jolted with an electric shock from a device implanted for just that purpose. He was also hit by Seth's ribbon device and rendered unconscious (3.02 "Seth").

St. Christina's hospital, Seattle, WA suburb: Shot twice in the back through a bullet-proof vest at close range during the rescue of Maj. Carter from Adrian Conrad (5.11 "Desperate Measures").

White Rock Research Station, Antarctica: Contracted an unknown virus from a woman found frozen in the ice and resurrected. There was no known cure for the virus, and in order to save his life, O'Neill agreed to be implanted with a Tok'ra symbiote (6.04 "Frozen"). The symbiote healed the disease and left his body (6.06 "Abyss").

O'Neill residence: Cloned by the Asgard Loki and exchanged for a youthful copy. Jack remained in stasis aboard Loki's ship for seven days, during which time he was the subject of various genetic experiments (7.03 "Fragile Balance").

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