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Jack grieves, movie
Jack and Sara
Jack grieves

Jack O'Neill's most devastating loss came with the death of his young son, Charlie, in an accident involving Jack's personal handgun. Father and son had had an argument two weeks earlier about a water gun that Charlie wanted and Jack forbade him to have, thinking the boy was too young to handle even pretend weaponry (3.13 "The Devil You Know Part 2").

During the time shortly after Charlie's death, O'Neill was called out of retirement to lead the mission through the Stargate, if translating the cartouche on the cover stone were successful. He went to Abydos and defended the planet and the way back to Earth from Ra, destroying the alien ship in space with a nuclear weapon. O'Neill was prepared, even eager, to sacrifice his own life to accomplish this goal, but teammate Daniel Jackson convinced him that life was still worth living. This endeavour formed a deep bond between the two men.

There is a discrepancy with Jack's legal name. Movie credits list him as Jonathan O'Neil, but in the series, his service record clearly shows John O'Neill (4.20 "Entity"). Either way, he prefers to be called Jack, Colonel, or (sarcastically) Mr. Positive (2.06 "Thor's Chariot", 5.01 "Enemies Part 2"), with only Teal'c referring to him by his last name.

There is also a discrepancy in Jack's age. He states he is 40 years old during Season One, but in the Season Seven episode 6.03 "Fragile Balance", his birthdate is show on his ID to be 1952, making him 51 years old in 2003. Further, a certificate in his office indicates he graduated from college in 1974, which, if he were 22 years old at graduation, would also indicate he was born in 1952.

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