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James Marrick


James Marrick, formerly of the CIA, was the IOA representative assigned to Stargate Command (SGC) towards the end of their battles with the Ori. He was killed on Odyssey by replicators he released on the ship when it was on a mission in the Ori's home galaxy.

Character Biography

James Marrick was an IOA representative assigned to monitor Stargate Command during the war with the Ori (Stargate: The Ark of Truth). He used to be a black ops agent for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Landry and Mitchell speculated his presence at the SGC while Woolsey was busy with Atlantis was to act as a spy on their operations.

Marrick had a very hawkish approach to dealing with the Ori. After Tomin surrendered to SG-1, Marrick insisted on personally interrogating him--an emotional interview where Marrick hounded Tomin on the innocents slaughtered while he had commanded the Ori.

When Mitchell was given temporary command of Odyssey to take SG-1 and the ship into the Ori galaxy to find the ark believed to be an ultimate weapon against the Ori, Marrick insisted on coming along to observe. Unbeknownst to the crew, Marrick had been given orders by the IOA of a reserve plan. If the Ori were sending reinforcements and Odyssey could not shut down the Supergate, Marrick should take action. He was provided with a computer program to be used with the ship's Asgard core that would create a replicator. The replicators would hopefully infiltrate the Ori ships and stop the fleet.

On board Odyssey, Marrick discovered Mitchell was leaving him out of the loop on key decisions. SG-1 was continuing to search for the ark; Marrick believed this was a fool's quest, especially with credible intelligence the Ori's reinforcements would soon depart for the Milky Way. Marrick took it upon himself to enact the replicator reserve plan, not informing anyone of his actions. An active Asgard core could be detected by the Ori, even if Odyssey was cloaked, so Marrick's actions put SG-1's mission and the ship in danger. Carter and Mitchell with a team of guards confronted an unrepentant Marrick, but not in time to stop the core program from creating a replicator impervious to ARGs. Marrick was put into custody.

Stuck in an Odyssey brig cell, Marrick was trapped when several replicators entered the cell. The replicators attacked Marrick, wanting his knowledge to figure out how to disable their built-in failsafe. The reverse side of the Asgard crystal contained a failsafe command that would instantly shut down all the replicators. In the process of probing his mind, the replicators bonded with Marrick's body, so that he became partly a replicator himself–his body controlled by them.

The Marrick replicator attacked Mitchell, trying to stop him from destroying the queen. During the fight, Mitchell was able to disconnect the strand keeping the replicator's control and Marrick revealed the failsafe, begging to die. Mitchell relayed the vital information to Carter via radio. The replicator soon regained control of Marrick's body. Marrick was killed during the explosion destroying the replicator queen. The replicator parts controlling him still used his skeletal structure to attack Mitchell, but even that was destroyed when Carter activated the shutdown command.


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