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Joe Spencer


Joe Spencer was a barber and family man who bought an interesting artifact at a garage sale which made him see Col. Jack O'Neill's adventures through the Stargate. (8.15 "Citizen Joe")

Character Biography

Joe and his wife, Charlene, were at a garage sale early one morning when Joe found a smooth stone with some interesting glyphs on it. The object interested him and he picked it up to examine it. As soon as he did, he saw visions of SG-1 going on adventures through the Stargate. He was so amazed at the effect this object had on him that he decided to buy it immediately.

Normally, Joe told very plain and unexciting stories and jokes to entertain his customers at his barber shop in Indiana (Stylin' Joe's Barber Shop). But after seeing the visions that the stone brought, he started to tell of the Stargate, the Goa'uld, Apophis, and the members of SG-1. He told such interesting stories that his partner, store help, and customers were enthralled with the universe his vivid imagination had created.

But, after several years of telling these stories, people started to tire of them. His wife said that the team didn't seem to interact as much as they had before, and his customers said that they had already seen the movie. In order to not drive away business, Joe had started to type the stories and send them to publishers. All of them were returned to him, rejected.

Joe's obsession with the stories and the stone began to drive his family and business apart. After his wife threw out the stone in the trash, Joe went out and frantically searched for it, messing up his front yard in the process. As soon as he touched the stone, he saw a vision of Daniel Jackson's death and ascension and mourned for him. Joe become silent and depressed, not caring to tell the stories any longer. Eventually, his wife took their son, Andy, and left him. His store staff sought work elsewhere.

But Joe didn't give up the stone. He continued touching it and one day, he was thrilled to see that Daniel had visited Jack as an Ascended Being. Joe was happy again, realizing that Daniel wasn't dead, but it was too late. His business failed and he lost his house.

Joe had attempted to contact Jack O'Neill through the Air Force, but was never able to talk with him. He'd throw away any letters which he had started to write. With nothing else to do, he decided to do research in the library to find news clippings which might have included Col. Jack O'Neill. He found proof of the colonel's existence in a picture taken at the press conference called by Sen. Robert Kinsey after the failed assassination attempt which had been blamed on Jack originally. With this proof, Joe thought that his wife would finally believe him, but instead, she asked for a divorce. At that moment, Joe had the vision of Anubis' attack in Antarctica and his wife walked away from him.

After moving out of his house, Joe got in his car and drove to Colorado. He found Jack's house and broke in as Jack was returning home with groceries. Joe nervously points a toy gun at Jack and Jack pulls out a real gun from his kitchen drawer. After Joe told Jack some of the details of what he knew, Jack took him to the Mountain to have him tested. It was revealed that Joe had the Ancients' gene which activated much of their technology. Jack had touched a similar stone in the artifacts brought back from the planet P3R-233 (where Daniel found the Quantum Mirror which sent him into an alternate reality). The two devices linked Jack's and Joe's minds and whenever one was in proximity to a stone, his thoughts would be seen in the other's mind. Jack had kept secret the fact that he had seen portions of Joe's life, however.

Jack met Joe and Charlene in a park, dressed in his Class A uniform, and told Charlene that it was all true. What became of Joe, Charlene, and Andy was not revealed.


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