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A solar flare sends the SG-1 team back in time to 1969 where the US military command suspects them of espionage. With the help of Lt. George Hammond, Jack O'Neill and his team escape and are aided by two flower children on their way to Woodstock. Can they ever return to the present again? The answer lies in a solar flare.

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Through a solar flare, the SG-1 team are accidentally propelled back in time to 1969, landing in a top-secret military facility, the predecessor to Cheyenne Mountain. A fresh young lieutenant finds a note among Carter's effects and is astonished that it appears to be a note from himself, in his own handwriting, telling him to help the captured team. Finally convinced by SG-1 that the note is indeed from his future self, Lieutenant Hammond helps them escape. Desperate to find the Stargate so they can return to the present, the team seeks out Catherine Langford, whom they believe may know its location. Hitchhiking to see her in New York, they are picked up by Michael and Jenny, two friendly flower children on their way to Woodstock. They immediately warm to the team's fugitive appearance. Carter realizes that Hammond's note includes the date of the next two solar flares, either of which could send them home. They race to confirm this and then to find the Stargate before their chance of leaving the past is lost for good.

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