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Tok'ra Spy Khonsu

Earth Culture of Origin


Alternate Names / Spellings

Chons (alternately Khensu, Khons or Khonshu)

Presides Over

Theban god of the moon

Personal Symbols

A full moon and a crescent moon (lunar disk) on his head dress.

Earth Mythological References

The son of Amun and Mut, Khonsu was a very old god from primitive times. His name is rooted in the word "khens", meaning to travel, to move about, or to run. He is depicted in the posture of a mummy with a curved beard, however, he was also represented as a child with the sidelock of youth.

It was said that when Khonsu caused the cresent moon to shine, women conceived, cattle became fertile, and all nostrils and every throat were filled with fresh air.

Khonsu was a very old god of primitive times. Khonsu was considered a form of Thoth by the Thebans. Ramses III built the House of Khonsu in Thebes. The main temple at Karnak is dedicated to Khonsu.

Stargate References

SG-1 are captured by Jaffa and imprisoned by the Goa'uld Khonsu, however Khonsu is in reality a Tok'ra operative. SG-1's capture was deliberate--a covert way of meeting Khonsu obtaining information about how Anubis has been getting his advanced technology. The Jaffa Her'ak learns the truth about Khonsu and the rebel Jaffa working with him. Khonsu and his Jaffa Dol'ok are executed by Her'ak as sholva before SG-1 can escape. (The Other Guys)


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