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Dr. Simon Coombs


Dr. Simon Coombs was a physicist assigned to excavate a ring transporter on the planet P5X-112, in the episode, 6.08 "The Other Guys". While he and his teammates, Dr. Jay Felger and Dr. Meyers, were working, they were being watched over by SG-1. SG-1, however, had made plans to get themselves captured so that they could gain intelligence about Anubis from the Tok'ra spy, Khonsu, who was overseeing one of Anubis' bases. The physicists were not aware of the plan and thought that SG-1 was captured for real and Coombs and Felger went to rescue them while they sent Meyers back to the SGC to tell General Hammond. As it turned out, SG-1 needed to be rescued for real by Coombs and Felger, who have knowledge of Goa'uld technology and language, when Khonsu was killed by Her'ak, one of Anubis' Jaffa, and SG-1 was taken into custody to be presented to Anubis himself. Due to great teamwork, everyone returned home alive.


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