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Two bumbling scientists working on an off-world research project witness SG-1 captured in a Goa'uld raid and, defying orders, attempt to rescue them. Little do they know that SG-1 staged the capture in order to infiltrate the Goa'uld and make contact with a Tok'ra informant.

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On planet P5X-112, Colonel Jack O'Neill is babysitting physicists Coombs, Meyers, and Felger who are excavating an ancient ring transporter in the ruins of a long-abandoned Goa'uld temple.

O'Neill receives an urgent message from Major Carter to regroup with her and Jonas Quinn near the Stargate. O'Neill orders Felger, who was in charge of his group, to 'gate out of there in an hour if he doesn't hear from SG-1, and report back to General Hammond at Stargate Command.

When Teal'c and O'Neill arrive on the scene, they, Carter and Jonas find themselves in a firefight with a lot of Jaffa. Felger sees an Alkesh, a midrange Goa'uld attack vessel, and radios SG-1 too late to warn them. O'Neill tells Felger to stay put and to 'Gate back to SGC as soon as it is clear.

SG-1 is taken by the Jaffa and ringed up to the Goa'uld mothership. Meanwhile, Felger decides to rescue SG-1. He orders Meyers to gate back to SGC and report, while he and Coombs use the ring transporter they had been restoring to ring up to the Goa'uld mothership, where SG-1 are being held captive.

After a Jaffa named Her'ak visits SG-1's cell to tell them how his Goa'uld lord, Khonsu, is going to torture them, Felger and Coombs, who had studied Goa'uld mothership blueprints, find their way to a grating in the cell, and announce to SG-1 that they are here to save them.

But SG-1 doesn't need saving: They allowed themselves to be captured. Khonsu is a Tok'ra on SGC's side who is going to give SG-1 intel on how the Goa'uld system lord Anubis has been getting his advanced technology. And this was a covert way to meet with him.

O'Neill has Dol'ok, a free Jaffa who is loyal to Khonsu, hide Felger and Coombs.

But Her'ak discovers that Dol'ok is a sholva, a traitor, and kills him and his free-Jaffa collaborator. Felger and Coombs slip into the dead Jaffas' outfits and ring down to Khonsu's planet, where SG-1 is being held in an electrified stockade in Khonsu's pyramid.

Khonsu is executed by Her'ak as a sholva, and Anubis himself is on his way.

Meanwhile, Felger and Coombs, because they can read Goa'uld, find their way into the control room and communicate with SG-1 in the stockade. O'Neill tells them to find a way to turn off the force field imprisoning them and to get them some weapons. Coombs kills the force field from the control room. Felger, who had found the armory, comes into the stockade with zats for everyone.

Coombs opens a few doors at his end, and SG-1 proceeds to fight their way out to the Stargate. But then Coombs gets trapped in the control room with many Jaffa on the other side of the door. He radios in his predicament and O'Neill rescues him. SG-1 and "the other guys," Felger and Coombs, then all 'Gate home.


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