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Bra'tac and Teal'c dying on Kreshtar


Kresh'tar was the location of a meeting where the rebel Jaffa tribes met (6.19 "Changeling"). There was an ambush. All of the rebel Jaffa were slaughtered; their symbiotes removed. Teal'c somehow survived. Finding Bra'tac, Teal'c shared his symbiote with his mentor. As the primta was shifted from one Jaffa pouch to the other over the course of three days, both Jaffa and the lone symbiote gradually weakened to the point of death. Teal'c was only occasionally aware of his true location. He had hallucinations both of the SGC and of him and his friends as a group of firefighters on Earth. The ascended Daniel Jackson appeared to Teal'c through his hallucinations during this ordeal, encouraging him to hold on until help came.

The rest of SG-1 eventually arrived on Kresh'ta when Teal'c missed his scheduled check-in time. They found 106 warriors slaughtered and Teal'c and Bra'tac barely alive. SG-1 returned with the two ill Jaffa to the SGC. Both Bra'tac and Teal'c recovered by use of a Tok'ra created variation of tretonin.

After Daniel Jackson returned to human form, he had virtually no conscious memories of his time as an ascended being (7.04 "Orpheus"). Teal'c explained what Daniel had done for him on Kresh'tar, stating that he would be eternally grateful to Daniel Jackson for his actions there.


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