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Laira of Edora


Laira is a native of Edora and a widow with a teenage son, Garren. She became Col. Jack O'Neill's lover during his enforced stay there after a meteor shower buried the Stargate. (3.17 "A Hundred Days")

Character Biography

Laira was one of the leaders of her village on the planet Edora. SG-1 visited her people and started negotiations for the rights to mine naquadah. While SG-1 was spending time with Laira, she developed an attraction to Col. Jack O'Neill. One night, she and the members of SG-1 were watching a meteor shower, an event which happened the same night every year. Laira called the meteor shower "fire rain" and was told by her father that it was the tears of their ancestors longing to be reunited. The Edorans honored their ancestors and prayed to them.

The night that the fire rain occurred just so happened to be the 150th year since the last time the planet passed through a dense debris field. Some of the meteors would actually impact the planet. When the meteor shower started to hit the planet, Daniel helped several of the Edorans evacuate, based on Laira's plea for them to go to Earth during the shower and then return when it was complete. Laira's son, Garren, and his betrothed, Naytha, sought refuge in the caves where there had been evidence that their ancestors had done the same. Jack and Laira went to retrieve them, but the meteor shower grew too heavy. When it was over, Jack discovered that the Stargate had been knocked over and buried. He was stuck on the planet.

While the SGC figured out a way to get to Edora, Jack adapted to the lifestyle of the people who had remained. Laira gave him clothing she had originally made for her late husband. Jack would go fishing and do chores to help the villagers rebuild. After 100 days, Laira told him it was time to move past his grief and start a new life.

The villagers were few and grew close. They shared meals and everything else they had so that everyone could rebuild. During one of their evenings together, Jack drank their moonshine and Laira asked him to father a child. He took her invitation and they became lovers. Jack had decided that his life was with these people.

But, in the meantime, Maj. Carter found a way to generate a particle beam through the wormhole to melt the naquadah in which the Stargate on Edora was buried. Teal'c volunteered to go through the wormhole and continue digging his way up. After Laira got Jack's permission to dispose of his SGC gear, Laira turned on his radio out of curiousity and overheard the countdown to the wormhole's cut-off. She finally got the nerve to tell Jack and he quickly realized that the SGC had been successful at establishing a wormhole. He finished digging Teal'c out and then the rest of SG-1 and the refugees returned. Jack bid Laira a sad farewell and she let him go, not telling him whether or not they had conceived. It is most likely they had not, since the word would have gotten to Jack while the SGC and her people continued their negotiations and remained friends.

When Jack was forced to retire in order to operate in a covert sting operation to discover the identity of those from Earth who were stealing advanced technology from Earth's alien allies, he asked Gen. Hammond if he could retire off-world to be with Laira. Jack 'gated to the planet, but did not go to the village, instead he immediately 'gated to the location of the rogue group's hideout. Laira most likely never knew that he had been on Edora at all. (3.18 "Shades Of Grey")

When the Indiana barber, Joe Spencer, linked with Jack through an Ancient communications device, saw Jack's memories of his time with Laira, he wrote a story about it, thinking that he had been inspired by his muse. His patrons in the shop were moved by the story, but Joe didn't tell them if Laira had been left "with child" or not. (8.15 "Citizen Joe")


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