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Lt. Fisher was a member of SG-6, under Col. Barnes. Though his team became deathly ill from an Ori plague, Fisher himself was merely a carrier and was held in quarantine, but not before he inadvertently spread the disease into the general population.

Character Biography

Lieutenant Fisher was a sometimes outspoken member of SG-6. He was part of their undercover expedition to P2X-885. There they witnessed the Prior convert the population to the Ori religion. Fisher was among the crowd as the Prior passed through, and the Prior touched his head while passing as if in blessing.

Unbeknownst to Fisher, this contact made him a carrier for an Ori plague. It was missed in his post-mission exam because it was a previously unknown strain of the disease. Fisher left Cheyenne Mountain to attend a speech by General Hammond at Peterson Air Force Base, stopping at a gas station and a small restaurant along the way. When the plague was discovered by members of SG-6 becoming ill, Fisher was swept up by personnel in haz-mat gear. Though he did not get close enough to Gen. Hammond for infection, he did infect three others attending the speech. Also the items he touched and people he was encountered at the gas station and restaurant transmitted the disease, where it spread exponentially into the general population.

As a carrier only, Fisher did not get sick himself. Interviewed by Col. Mitchell and Dr. Lam, they discovered how he contracted the disease. He was last seen in quarantine.


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