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SG-6 returns from living among P2X-885 locals in Season Nine


SG-6 was one of the original nine units formed in the pilot episode, 1.02 "Children Of The Gods Part 2".

Seasons One Through Three

SG-6 is one of the first teams to be formed when Stargate Command (SGC) was reactivated after Apophis' attack. The composition of the team was not mentioned often and their primary specialty has changed over the years.

The first time that SG-6 appeared was returning from a mission during the period Daniel Jackson was held by the alien Nem. SG-1 ran to the Gate room expecting to see Daniel returning, when instead it was SG-6 returning from their mission. Hammond ordered SG-6 to their standard debriefing at 1600. (1.13 "Fire and Water")

When Daniel Jackson called for medic when they were evacuating Nasya, a member of SG-6 answered his call. It is unclear if SG-6 was a medical team at this time, or just had a medic member. The burn victim they rescued turned out to be the ashrak hunting Jolinar of Malkshur. The SG-6 leader attended the debriefing with SG-1 after the Nasya attack. They may have been included in the coordination of efforts to find a new home for the 236 Nasyans rescued. (2.02 "In The Line Of Duty")

SG-6 and Daniel Jackson were on an archaeological dig on the planet P3X-808 when the Earth Stargate was caught in a connection to a planet being engulfed by a black hole. After the Stargate was able to successfully shut down, Dr. Jackson and SG-6 returned home. (2.15 "A Matter of Time")

Col. Makepeace of SG-3 obtained intelligence from a Tok'ra operative that three of SG-1's members had been taken prisoner by the Goa'uld Hathor. Makepeace led SG-3, SG-5, SG-6, and SG-11 in the rescue. While members of SG-3 watched the Stargate, the rest of the troops were led by Makepeace into the compound. Several members of the group were killed in their encounters with Hathor's Jaffa, but their team designations were not revealed. (3.01 "Into The Fire Part 2")

SG-6 was captured by aliens on the planet P3X-118, their minds were accessed, and their bodies were mimicked by these aliens to gain a foothold at the SGC base in their first step toward world invasion. With the combined efforts of Maj. Samantha Carter, Teal'c, and Col. Harry Maybourne, the threat was eliminated. (3.14 "Foothold")

Seasons Four Through Eight

After SG-1's visit to K'tau caused the sun to become unstable, Major Carter planned to send a rocket fueled with an experimental element that would stabilize the star and prevent the destruction of K'tau. SG-6 was helping rebuild the rocket on the planet's surface to prepare it for launch. Unfortunately, some religious zealots believed this was the prophesied end of K'tau and sabotaged the device. The rocket was destroyed and two members of SG-6 were killed. (5.05 "Red Sky")

It wasn't until Season Eight that we hear of SG-6 again. This time, they were a combat unit assigned to SG-1's Lt. Col. Samantha Carter and Teal'c to retrieve Dr. Daniel Jackson from a planet on which he had been stranded while attempting to educate the people about the Stargate and the Goa'uld threat. A war broke out between the two major countries and Daniel was severely injured and contact with him was cut off. SG-1, SG-3, SG-6, and SG-12 were successful in extracting Daniel and helping the people regain control of their government after it had been usurped by a religious zealot. (8.05 "Icon")

Season Nine

SG-6, under the command of Col. Barnes, was on an undercover mission to P2X-885 to observe the operations of one of the Priors of the Ori. The people were poor and there was very little fresh water and the planet was extremely hot (130°F in the shade, according to Lt. Fisher). Unfortunately, the people of P2X-885 became devotees of the Ori, the third planet to do so in the month. While on the planet, the Prior conducted a ceremony in which he placed his hand on Lt. Fisher as if to give a blessing. What the Prior actually did was make Lt. Fisher a carrier of the "Prior Plague", a rapidly mutating virus which travels quickly from person to person through touch and air. Lt. Fisher unwittingly spread this virus to people outside the base. Col. Barnes was the first to show symptoms of the virus and he was followed by Airman Ryan and Lt. Brooks. Fisher was put in quarantine, but it was too late. Within a very short time, over 5,000 cases were confirmed across the country, with eight confirmed deaths, five of which were SGC personnel. Although Dr. Lam did not name these five casualties, it is most likely that Barnes, Ryan, and Brooks were among them. (9.10 "The Fourth Horseman Part 1")

SG-6 return from P2X-885

SG-6 was one of seventeen teams taking part in an offworld SGC celebration (possibly on P2C-106), (10.06 "200"). The celebration may have been for Lt. Col. Mitchell's 200th trip through the Stargate, but in any case took place on the landmark (and overly meta) 200th episode of Stargate SG-1.


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