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Michael was a hippy who helped SG-1 find the stargate in 1969 when they were accidently thrown back in time due to an accident with the stargate's wormhole and a sun flare (2.21 "1969").

Character Biography

Michael and his girlfriend Jenny picked up the hitchhiking SG-1 while they were on their way to the concert Woodstock before they crossed the U.S. border into Canada in order to dodge Michael's draft into the armed services to serve in the Vietnam War. Michael said that he didn't want to kill anyone. Because SG-1 had traveled back in time and didn't want to impact the timeline, Jack couldn't express his advice on how Michael should handle this decision.

While on the road, starting in Colorado, Michael and Jenny overheard SG-1 talking about their situation. Eventually, SG-1 had to tell them a lie to cover their story. They claimed to be aliens from a "galaxy far, far away" who were on the run from the "establishment," something that the two young hippies could identify with. They promised to keep the secret and helped SG-1 get first to New York to find out from Catherine Langford about where the stargate was located and then to Washington, D.C., where the stargate was stored in an armory.

We never hear about what happened to Michael or Jenny after this encounter.


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