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Nyan of Bedrosia


Nyan was a native of Bedrosia, an archaeologist, and a scientist. He is now a refugee on Earth. (3.19 "New Ground")

Character Biography

While Nyan and his associate, Mallin, were excavating the Stargate on their planet, they were contacted by SG-1. Mallin ran away in fear, but Nyan bravely stood and communicated with Daniel Jackson through the MALP. He invited them to come to his world.

As soon as SG-1 arrived, Nyan told them about the war between the two continents, Bedrosia and Optrica. The Bedrosians believed that the humans of their world were created by the god Nefertum, while the Optricans believed that they were brought through the Gateway, or Stargate. The two continents were at war because the Optricans believed that the Stargate was on Bedrosia.

Nyan's associate, Mallin, brought back three shuttlecraft full of Bedrosian soldiers, under the command of Rigar. Col. Jack O'Neill, Maj. Samantha Carter, and Dr. Daniel Jackson were all captured, but Teal'c and Nyan were far enough from the team to avoid capture. In a close encounter with a Bedrosian soldier, Teal'c was blinded by weapon fire. Nyan helped him regain his vision and together, they plotted a rescue plan.

Nyan was excited about the fact that Teal'c was an alien and that SG-1 was from another planet, even though their existence proved his theory wrong. He said that he was firstmost a scientist and that proof or disproof were exciting to him. Even though he was a scientist, Nyan fought bravely during the rescue. He was struck down by one of the Bedrosian soldiers with their stun weapon, but Teal'c and Jack saved him and brought him home to Earth. Daniel offered him a job as his research assistant and told him that it would be a great way to learn about his ancestors.

Nyan stayed on Earth, but hoped that one day he could return home and share his discovery without fear.


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