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Three quarters of SG-1 are captured upon arrival to a planet in the midst of a religious war. While Carter, Daniel, and O'Neill are tortured for information as they try to convince their Bedrosian captors they're not enemy spies, an injured Teal'c gets help from a Bedrosian scientist who may have his own agenda.

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The SG-1 team travels to the planet Bedrosia where, unbeknownst to them, the planet's two cultures have been at war over their opposed beliefs regarding the Stargate. Upon their arrival, they are met by the curious Nyan, a scientist. Nyan explains to them that their arrival through the Stargate proves that the beliefs of his rival culture, the Optricans, is true and that humans were brought to this planet by aliens through a gateway. His culture, the Bedrosians, believe that human life evolved without a gateway and was created by their god, Nefertum.

The team's arrival is soon detected by a group of Bedrosian soldiers and their leader, Rigar. Colonel Jack O'Neill, Major Samantha Carter, and Dr. Daniel Jackson are captured, while Teal'c and Nyan narrowly escape. During his escape, Teal'c is blinded. Rigar cages his three prisoners and interrogates them as to how they arrived on his planet. He believes that they are Optrican spies, when they insist they traveled via the Stargate. Rather than face the possibility that the entire belief system of his people is wrong, Rigar chooses to destroy all evidence, including SG-1. Though blinded, Teal'c with Nyan's help must outwit the Bedrosians before Rigar can execute his plan.


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