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Thor sets off Replicator disruptor over Orilla


Orilla was the new homeworld of the Asgard race after Replicators overran Hala. Both planets were in the Asgard galaxy. The Asgard destroyed Orilla and themselves in the series finale when their cloning efforts no longer worked.


  • Names and Designations: Orilla
  • Number of Suns: Unknown
  • Number of Moons: None
  • Source of Address: Asgard
  • Introduced in Episode: 8.01 "New Order Part 1"
  • Earth Cultural/Technological Equivalent: Highly advanced Asgard race
  • Main Interest: homeworld of allies
  • Influenced/Dominated by: Asgard
  • History of Stargate: Unknown if Stargate was on planet

Stargate Glyphs

Unknown if there was Stargate on Orilla.

Geopolitical and Structural History

Orilla was a lush world with deciduous and evergreen vegetation, heavily forested. The Asgard had at least one large city on the planet. From orbit, large bodies of water could be seen.

Knowing their homeworld of Hala was in danger of being overrun by replicators, the Asgard moved their population, including all their cloning research, to a new planet, Orilla, and set up a replicator trap on Hala (6.12 "Unnatural Selection"). One replicator ship, led by the human form "Fifth", escaped the trap on Hala and sought revenge on the Asgard and the human he felt betrayed him, Samantha Carter. Fifth beamed Sam on board his vessel and headed to the Asgard's new home, Orilla (8.01 "New Order Part 1").

Most of his ship was destroyed by the Asgard defensive systems, but Fifth and his captive survived and landed on the planet in a smaller Replicator ship, some distance from the colony near a rich vein of neutronium. Fifth's mechanical brethren started to spread over Orilla, while he concentrated on mental torture and hallucinations inside Samantha Carter's mind. His quest for vengeance turned to obsessive attraction (8.02 "New Order Part 2"). The Asgard Aegir on the Valhalla lost contact with the colony.

Thor on board his ship, the Daniel Jackson, was able to tap into the replicator network and Fifth's ship, discovering Carter was still there. With new Ancient designed weapon was developed that destroyed the replicators, but did not harm organic beings or other structures, Thor beamed SG-1 down to Orilla's surface to rescue their teammate. In the meantime, Thor was converting the new technology to bombard the whole planet at once.

In the meantime, Sam was able to convince Fifth to let her go. He left her unconscious on the planet's surface and fled in his ship before the anti-Replicator weapon struck Orilla and destroyed the mechanical brethren he abandoned there.

Approximately three years later, the Asgard invited a delegation of the SGC to attend a very special occasion (10.20 "Unending"). General Landry commanded the Odyssey when he and SG-1 along with the Odyssey crew flew to Orilla. Only after they arrived did Thor reveal the real reason. The Asgard's numerous attempts to rectify their cloning problems could not be solved, and they as a race were dying. Therefore, they decided to destroy themselves. Before they did this, enough of the Asgard had decided that the people of Earth had indeed proven themselves to be the "Fifth Race" of the great alliance the Asgard had with other peoples. The Asgard would bestow their legacy of all their knowledge, technology, history and install it into the Odyssey.

Thor worked with Samantha Carter on the installation. Before the planned formal ceremony on the planet could occur, the Ori arrived in the Orilla system with three warships. The installation complete, Thor bid a hasty farewell to Sam and beamed back home to the planet. As the Odyssey withdrew with their precious cargo, the Asgard self-destructed Orilla, taking out two of the Ori Warships in the blast.


Daniel Jackson over Orilla
Fifth's ship leaving Orilla
Odyssey approaching Orilla


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