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Osric was the village librarian on a planet said to be the location of Merlin's anti-Ascended weapon, the Sangreal, supposedly hidden away there by Morgan Le Fay. Osric turned out to be the Ori's leader in the Milky Way Galaxy, Adria, in disguise. (10.10 "The Quest Part 1")

Character Biography

Once SG-1 combined the Stargate coordinates of the planets Castiana, Sahal, and Vagonbrei, they generated a unique address to a planet which was located somewhere nearby. This planet was supposedly the hiding place of the Sangreal, Merlin's anti-Ascended weapon which was sought after by SG-1, Ba'al, and the Orici, Adria. Each party had their own reason for seeking this weapon: SG-1, to rid the universe of the Ori who had launched an aggressive campaign to convert people in the Milky Way Galaxy to "Origin" or destroy them for refusing to bow down; Ba'al, to rid the universe of all Ascended Beings and gain galactic domination; and Adria, to destroy the only weapon which could destroy the Ori. These three parties converged on Morgan's planet in their individual quests for the device.

Adria's method of joining the team's quest was to inspire Vala with the solution of combining the three planets' coordinates to create the coordinates for Morgan's planet. She did this in order to get Daniel to the planet, for she believed that Morgan had installed safeguards to prevent someone like herself from obtaining the device and determined that only a former Ascended Being had the "truth of spirit" required. Adria's additional actions included posing as Osric, the village's librarian who showed the Parchment of Virtues and a map leading to the Sangreal to all those who sought it. Osric seemed a friendly fellow and SG-1 learned a great deal from him, but he refused to show the map to them because Ba'al's party had tried to steal it. Adria also had her soldiers invade the village, destroy the contents of the library, including the Parchment and the map, and subdue the villagers. Osric sought out SG-1 for protection when the Ori soldiers sought him. He claimed to have the map memorized and promised to show SG-1 the way to the Sangreal's hiding place.

During their trek, Osric discussed the Ori's philosophy and methods, and Daniel paid close attention to his arguments. Taken aback by Osric's use of quotes from The Book of Origin, Daniel's suspicions grew. When the party was trapped in a force field along with Ba'al, and each individual had to place an object into an empty chest to turn the force field off, Osric gave a ring which Daniel recognized as being of Ori design. He didn't say anything outright until Osric had led SG-1 and Ba'al to the cave. Mitchell and Daniel challenged Osric, and after failing to fool them any longer, Adria revealed herself to be Osric in disguise. She threatened Carter's life in order to coerce the team to seek the Sangreal for her.

Adria most likely used a real man as her model for the disguise, but SG-1 never met him, for it appeared that Adria had been disguised as Osric as soon as she put her plan to bring Daniel to the planet into motion.


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