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O'Neill encounters Asgard on Othala


Othala was a planet in the Ida Galaxy inhabited by the Asgard.

NOTE: Othala was later used as the name of the galaxy where the Asgard planets of Orilla and Hala are located.


  • Names and Designations: Othala
  • Number of Suns: Unknown
  • Number of Moons: Unknown
  • Source of Address: Repository of Knowledge
  • Introduced in Episode: 2.16 "The Fifth Race"
  • Earth Cultural/Technological Equivalent: Extremely advanced
  • Main Interest: O'Neill seeking help
  • Influenced/Dominated by: Asgard
  • History of Stargate: Unknown

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Geopolitical Structure and History

Othala was an Asgard world in the Ida Galaxy. Nothing is known of the topography of the planet. All that was ever seen was the interior of an Asgard building which housed the Stargate. The Ancients moved on from the region long ago, but still remembered the Asgard in their database of the Ancient Repository of Knowledge.

When O'Neill was exposed to an Ancient Repository of Knowledge, his subconscious mind used the Ancient knowledge to seek out the Asgard at Othala, where he could get help. Consciously, O'Neill only knew he needed to get through the Stargate to a new location. Subconsciously, he developed a device that would boost the power to the Stargate, enabling it to dial Othala, even though the planet was in a different galaxy.

The Asgard were startled when O'Neill came tumbling out of the Stargate, begging for help in the Ancient language. They removed the knowledge from O'Neill's mind and spoke to him in English while he thanked them profusely for getting that "stuff" out of his head. The Asgard admitted having observed the people of Earth for a long time, and were surprised that the evolution of humans had progressed enough that O'Neill was able to hold the Ancient knowledge for any time at all. However, they stated that it would be many millennia before humans would be able to interact with the Asgard. O'Neill countered that ready or not, humans were a very curious race, and they were out there exploring now. The human and Asgard shook hands, the latter explaining O'Neill's actions had put them on the first steps to becoming the "fifth race" of the great alliance between Nox, Asgard, Ancients, and Furlings.

The Asgard sent O'Neill back home to Earth.


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