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Daniel gets page about P3X-298


P3X-298 is a planet visited by SG-1 where Daniel Jackson collected a mask fragment.

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No details about the planet, nor of SG-1's mission to it, are known except for the fact that Daniel returned with a mask fragment. According to test results, the mask fragment collected by Daniel Jackson dated back to the predynastic period of Egypt. Below is a transcript of the fax results:


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To: Dr. Daniel Jackson
Fax# Local #776

Dr. Daniel Jackson
After extensive carbon testing of the main fragment that was collected from planet P3X-298, we find that it is to be dated to match the predynastic period of Egypt on Earth. Official results to be sent to your laboratory…
Thank you.

Dr. Sam A[illegible]]

When Dr. Jackson was paged that he was receiving the fax, he raced away from an interview with Emmett Bregman's documentary crew, just to see if they would chase him.

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