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Orb aliens in O'Neill agree to go to 881


P4G-881 was a primordial world where the entities of the orb from P5C-353 were sent.


  • Names and Designations: P4G-881
  • Number of Suns: Unknown
  • Number of Moons: Unknown
  • Source of Address: Abydos Cartouche
  • Introduced in Episode: 2.07 "Message in a Bottle"
  • Earth Cultural/Technological Equivalent: primordial
  • Main Interest: Exploration/later relocation
  • Influenced/Dominated by: Entities of P5C-353
  • History of Stargate: Unknown

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Geopolitical Structure and History

P4G-881 was a primordial world with lots of oxygen and sunlight, like Earth was a quarter of a billion years ago. No civilization whatsoever existed on the planet. P4G-881 was the next mission SG-1 was to visit after P5C-353. The mission was delayed for twenty-four hours so that Dr. Jackson and Capt. Carter could study the orb brought back from 353.

When the sentient organisms in the orb tried to take over the base, Dr. Jackson offered P4G-881 as an alternate place for them to live, explaining its benefits. The negotiations were desperate, since the SGC was about to self destruct, and the organisms would not be destroyed, but flourish, taking over the Earth and destroying life already there. Gen. Hammond confirmed the SGC would be willing to send them there so that everyone could survive if the orb's inhabitants would give them back control of the computer.

The entities of the orb acquiesced, withdrawing from everywhere, including Col. O'Neill, through whom they were communicating. The orb was sent to P4G-881, where presumably the entities of the orb still thrive.


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