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Dr. Reimer was the leader of the ill-fated Red Team, a medical unit of Stargate Command. Red Team was called away from inoculations on the planet designated "865" to help SG-1 solve a medical mystery, why all the villagers appeared to die in their sleep.

When a member of his team, Bernie Ackerman could not be awoken from sleep, Reimer quarantined both teams on the planet and ordered medical supplies from Stargate Command. Studying a soil sample brought back from the caves by Lt. Col. Carter, Reimer discovered a microscopic parasite that fed on the body's melatonin. After Ackerman died, Reimer and Carter conducted an autopsy, finding an engorged version of the parasite in Bernie's brain caused a ruptured aneurysm. Reimer and Carter continued to struggle to find an answer.

Reimer continued to take various stimulants to fight off the parasite's inducement of sleep. The continued use of stimulants had an unfortunate effect. Reimer suffered a fatal heart attack on the planet.


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