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Reynolds treats SG-25's commander


SG-25 is the final known "numbered" team of Stargate Command.

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During SG-3's initial reconnaissance of P9J-333, they learned of a strange creature attacking the villagers (10.05 "Uninvited"). The team returned to the planet with SG-25 and Teal'c and Vala Mal Doran. While on the planet this "monster" attacked and severely injured all four members of SG-25 before being killed by Teal'c. The injured members of SG-25 were returned to Stargate Command. Vala Mal Doran assisted Dr. Lam in treating the team by using the Goa'uld healing device. Vala later noted all members of SG-25 would make a full recovery. Later research showed the monster that attacked the team was an harmless herbivore that had mutated.


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