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Teal'c and the SG-3 team visit a planet whose inhabitants are under attack by deadly creatures spawned from parasites as Landry and Mitchell discover a similar menace on Earth.

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General Landry orders SG-1 to join him for some mandatory R&R at a rustic cabin in the woods, but Daniel is busy scouring a private library in England for information about Arthurian Ancients, Teal'c is assisting Col. Reynolds and SG-3 on a mission to P9J-333, Carter is in charge of Stargate Command until Reynolds returns, and Vala can't yet drive a car. Only Mitchell joins Landry at the cabin.

A one-on-one camping trip with his boss isn't exactly Mitchell's idea of rest and relaxation, especially after a violent storm washes out the only road back to civilization. Worse, soon afterward, an unknown creature in the woods rips a local hunter to shreds. Area residents, assuming that the culprit is either a maddened bear or Bigfoot, stampede into the forest to kill it. Mitchell and Landry grimly grab their guns and join in.

Strangely, an unfamiliar wild beast is also killing villagers on P9J-333, and Carter has ordered Vala and SG-25 to join Teal'c and SG-3 on the planet for an investigation. The beast attacks SG-25 and nearly kills Vala before Teal'c takes it out with a grenade. They bring its body back to Earth, where Dr. Redden performs an autopsy. She determines that the beast is a docile herbivore native to P9J-333 that has been drastically mutated by a leech-like parasite living within it.

When another mutated creature suddenly attacks SG-12 on a totally different planet, Carter realizes that the only factor both incidents have in common is that SG teams were using Sodan cloaking devices to explore covertly. Carter and Teal'c test Stargate Command's remaining Sodan devices, and, sure enough, another leech emerges from one of them. The parasites are escaping from a neighboring dimension that the devices access to make their users invisible. Any time someone activates a Sodan device, another leech might leak out to create a monster. And one device is missing from the SGC's inventory.

Weirdly, Mitchell knows exactly where it is. While hunting the alleged bear, he discovers a much more human predator in the woods: a Trust operative who has been using a stolen Sodan cloak to spy on him and Landry. Unfortunately, the device has loosed an extra-dimensional space leech into the forest, where it has created an unbelievably violent monster. It's finally time for the rest of SG-1 to join Mitchell and Landry on this little vacation — and they'd better bring plenty of ammo.


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Production Notes

  • "Damian was in Friday and today to break his episode, 5, the one about the ill-fated getaway." — Joseph Mallozzi, Gateworld Blog, November 28, 2005.
  • "Damian is working on the rewrite of Uninvited, episode 5." — Joseph Mallozzi, Gateworld Blog, January 14, 2006.
  • "I'm contracted for 16 episodes this season," Shanks says. "I'll probably be out of the fourth and fifth episodes and two others later on." — Michael Shanks, Michael Shanks Online Interview, January 2006.
  • According to GateWorld's quoting of The Casting Workbook site, "An invisible creature creates a bit of chaos as it knocks off members of Stargate Command ... one by one until it is stopped." (March 29, 2006)
  • "There's a terrific episode we did called Uninvited in which Mitchell ends up in a situation where he has to spend some time alone with the general [Landry]. There's a great deal of humour in the story, but eventually some aliens show up and the mood turns more serious." — Beau Bridges, TV Zone 203, June 2006.
  • "SG-1's Uninvited is a creature feature and has a great B-side plot featuring Landry and Mitchell. I gotta say, wait for the Fulvus Whistling Duck call… I don't think I've ever laughed harder watching an SG-1 than this scene… And Joe Mallozzi just mentioned that Beau Bridges is actually a bird-watcher. Ahhh… It's the little known facts that I love the best." — Alex Levine, Script Coordinator, scifi.com Blog, August 12, 2006.

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