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During a near-fatal pursuit by the Goa'uld gliders, Teal'c fails to make it through the Stargate before it is destroyed. Now SG-1 has only 48 hours to reestablish Teal'c's energy signature from the temporary memory of the Stargate before it's erased…for good!

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MGM Official Summary

After a near deadly pursuit by gliders and the well-aimed destruction of one vessel, the SG-1 team just manage to leap to safety through the Stargate. However, the craft demolished the system just as Teal'c jumps through and becomes lost in the ether. Teal'c vital energy signature may have been lost. Control faces a terrifying dilemma: "Just how do we get our people home?"

SciFi.com Official Summary

Teal'c is returning from a mission when the wormhole destabilizes and he fails to materialize. The Stargate is immediately shut down, because a new wormhole connection might make it impossible to retrieve him. Dr. Daniel Jackson and Major Paul Davis, SGC's Pentagon liaison, go to Russia and ask them for the use of their DHD. Meanwhile, Major Samantha Carter approaches the problem from a physics standpoint, and winds up working with a man assigned by NID's Colonel Simmons. Colonel Jack O'Neill pursues his own leads and speaks with Harry Maybourne, who tells him that NID now has Adrian Conrad's Goa'uld symbiote. Each of the three SG-1 members force themselves to put up with people they dislike in order to rescue their stranded friend.

This episode is also known as Teal'c Interrupted.


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