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The effects of the enzyme’s grip on the Atlantis team begin to wear off, sending them into withdrawal as they look to escape from the Wraith hive ship.

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Having captured the human raiding party aboard her ship, the Wraith Hive Queen interrogates Sheppard. He endures her tactics and reveals nothing until, in frustration, she banishes him to a cell with Teyla, Ronon and Ford. Soon afterward, Teyla senses the arrival of a second hive ship through her psychic link to the Wraith. Both massive ships are headed for a nearby inhabited planet, which they will soon begin to cull unless Sheppard and his team can stop them.

The team quickly breaks out of the cell, but they don't get far before they hear a cry for help. A young woman is cocooned in the ship's murky corridor, held captive for the Wraith's future dining pleasure. Over Ford's objections, Sheppard insists on rescuing her. The resulting delay, however, enables Wraith warriors to corner and recapture them all.

Meanwhile, far away on the planet that hosts Ford's home base, McKay attempts a more successful escape. He takes a massive dose of the Wraith enzyme, giving himself the superhuman powers he needs to fight past the guards holding him hostage. He returns to Atlantis through the stargate, only to collapse, near death, from the effects of the drug. Beckett must now nurse him through the painful and life-threatening withdrawal process.

Locked in their prison cells aboard the distant hive ship, Ronon, Teyla and Ford have also been deprived of the drug and are enduring a similar agony. Sheppard, the only member of the team who has never taken the enzyme, finds himself locked up alone with Neera, the woman whose rescue cost him his freedom.

McKay, now recovered, tells Weir and Caldwell all he knows about the team's disastrous reunion with Ford. He knows the coordinates of the planet the Wraith are about to cull, so Weir orders the Daedalus to depart immediately. If they can reach the planet in time and make radio contact with Sheppard, they will be able to beam the team to safety.

What they don't know, however, is that the Wraith have taken the teams' radios. They also don't know that they'll now be facing two hive ships, not one. And, for his part, Sheppard doesn't know that there's more to the attractive and inquisitive Neera than meets the eye….


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