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Maj. Lorne


Maj. Lorne was introduced as the second in command on SG-11 and has transferred to be a team leader in the Atlantis Expedition. (7.07 "Enemy Mine", Stargate Atlantis: 2.03 "Runner")

Character Biography

Maj. Evan Lorne was a member of SG-11 and was the team's second in command to Col. Edwards at the mining operation on P3X-403. Although he knew of the standard procedure to inform Dr. Daniel Jackson immediately upon finding archaeological artifacts, he failed to do so on this planet and, as a result, he might have been indirectly responsible for the death of his teammate, Lt. Ritter, after Ritter was attacked and killed by an Unas, evidence for whose presence on the planet was in the artifacts he had discovered, moved, and ignored. (7.07 "Enemy Mine")

Lorne joined the Atlantis Expedition during its second year of operation. He leads an off-world team and was often looked upon as the military leader when Lt. Col. John Sheppard was not available during Dr. Elizabeth Weir's time as the civilian leader of the Expedition. With Col. Samantha Carter's assignment as the leader of the Expedition, a clear chain of command now exists permanently on the base.

Lorne learned how to paint from his mother who was an art teacher, and he carried this hobby over to Atlantis where he worked on a painting of Atlantis itself (SGA 3.17 "Sunday"). He is also an accomplished F-302 pilot and squadron leader (SGA 3.20 "First Strike Part 1"), was given the command of the Ancient warship Orion in a battle to prevent the Wraith from reaching Earth (SGA 3.01 "No Man's Land Part 2"), and was once kidnapped by the Genii because he has the Ancient gene that permits him to operate Ancient technology (SGA 2.17 "Coup D'Etat"). Lorne used to walk in his sleep until he was about ten years old until he did it again as an adult while under the influence of a hostile alien entity (SGA 4.04 "Doppelganger").


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