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Beckett's return surprises the Atlantis crew. Elsewhere, Teyla, now a prisoner, finds missing Athosians held captive at one of Michael's secret facilities.

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Teyla is missing, a prisoner of the human-Wraith hybrid Michael. During a fruitless search for her, Sheppard's team discovers Dr. Carson Beckett imprisoned in one of Michael's bases. Of course, since Beckett died in an explosion in Atlantis over a year earlier (SGA 3.17 "Sunday"), the team is more than a little disconcerted by this man who looks and acts just like him.

Back in Atlantis, as Dr. Keller tries to confirm his identity, Beckett tells McKay that Michael has forced him to assist with genetic experiments ever since capturing him two years ago on M8G–352, the planet where the Atlantis team marooned a group of humanized Wraith (SGA 3.02 "Misbegotten Part 3"). McKay, confused, counters that his team rescued Beckett from that planet six months before the doctor died.

Keller's medical investigation explains this discrepancy: this Beckett is a clone of the original, created by Michael after the incident on M8G–352. Beckett is sobered to learn that the life he has been longing to return to throughout his imprisonment was never really his at all.

His personal distress aside, however, Beckett is eager to use his knowledge of Michael's operations to help rescue Teyla. The team knows that they could be asking for trouble by trusting a man who was created by their enemy, but Beckett's good intentions shine through and they decide to take the risk. On the first planet he leads them to, a stranger starts a gunfight with them. When they drag the injured man back to Atlantis as their prisoner, Keller recognizes her newest patient. He is Nabel Golan, the man who once tried to kill her and Teyla on New Athos (4.07 "Missing"). He works for Michael. After the team offers to protect Nabel from his vengeful boss, he tells them where Michael is holding Teyla.

Beckett recalls the location and wants to guide Sheppard's team again, but he has grown disturbingly weak. While he was a prisoner, Michael gave him injections of a mysterious drug that must have prevented his cloned organs from degenerating. Without it, his body is breaking down — he's dying. Keller urges him to enter an Ancient stasis pod while she searches for a cure, but Beckett insists on rescuing Teyla first. He accompanies Sheppard, McKay and Ronon as they infiltrate Michael's base.

Deep within that base, Teyla waits for rescue. While a prisoner, she has met a group of her fellow Athosians whose many failed escape attempts have left them in despair. She has begged Kanaan to help her, but though she has glimpsed signs of his old personality, he has been unable to shake off Michael's mind-control. She has endured Michael's eerie fascination with her unborn child. Now, as she hears distant shooting begin, she must hope that her friends can save her before Michael escapes with her to yet another of his hidden bases. Unfortunately, although Beckett's brave and compassionate heart has helped get the team this far, his mind — like Kanaan's — may prove unable to withstand Michael's psychic domination.


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Production Notes

  • "I am pleased to announce that Carson Beckett will be returning to Atlantis for a two-part story in the back half of season four. When he returns for the two-parter, it will be Carson Beckett in the flesh. Late in season three, we discussed the manner in which the character had been written out and the possible ways in which he could be brought back. I threw out an idea that not only brought Carson back, but answered a very big question I had concerning a late-season arc. In order to lay the groundwork for his possible return, we threaded a subtle hint into one of the late season three episodes. So, if fans want to know how we plan on bringing the good doctor back from the dead, they should seek out the hidden clue when the back half of season three returns to SciFi this Friday, April 13th. Well, I don’t want to give too much away but I can say it won’t be an AU version of Carson - or a time-hopping Dr. Beckett either." (Joseph Mallozzi in an interview at the Save Carson Beckett Campaign Site, April 9, 2007)
  • "Then there’s the two-part return of THAT character. Which brings us to episodes 17." (Joseph Mallozzi's May 7 blog)
  • "Alas, the Beckett episode count is presently at 2 because the planned third episode was temporarily shelved." (Joseph Mallozzi's May 10 blog) "We start the spinning. [...] The return-of-that-character two-parter with its Fargo-esque first part..." (Joseph Mallozzi's June 1 blog)
  • "Alan will be tackling Rise of the Googlions Part II which we’ll start spinning next week along with Martin’s next episode." (Joseph Mallozzi's June 8 blog)
  • "Today, we gave Alan notes on his outline, discussed Midway, and had a very brief discussion of Martin’s next episode which we should start breaking tomorrow. That will leave three scripts to be written when we get back: the Joe F. story, Paul’s season finale idea, and the empty slot." (Joseph Mallozzi' June 18 blog)
  • "Alan is plugging away on Kindred II which is an episode fans will no doubt be looking forward to. No pressure, Alan." (Joseph Mallozzi's July 12 blog)
  • "Congratulations to Alan McCullough who handed in his first draft of Kindred II. There won’t be a dry eye in the house when this one airs." (Joseph Mallozzi's July 19 blog)
  • "Paul and Alan are prepping Kindred II..." (Joseph Mallozzi's July 25 blog)
  • The season finale is linked in some way to "The Kindred". (Joseph Mallozzi's August 14 blog)
  • "Watched Kindred II dailies from Terminal City. Dark, dank, disturbing." (Joseph Mallozzi's August 15 blog)
  • "I headed over to Terminal City today to see how the latest episode on deck was coming along. Director Martin Wood, very excited about the past two days’ filming, tried to prepare me for the upcoming sequence. Did I want earplugs? I passed, perhaps a little too quickly. No time for me to reconsider though as Martin yelled “Action!”. The ensuing few seconds went something like this: “Gunfire! Gunfire!” then “Hits!” then “Ronon blasts!” then “Explosion!”. By the time Martin yelled “Cut!” and then “Incroyable!” the set was suffused in a drifting opaque cloud of dust and God-knows-what. I stepped outside to clear my lungs but, by the time I returned, they had already packed up and moved on. Feeling very much like the soon-to-doomed victim in some industrial horror flick, I crept through the eerie, dimly lit corridors, following the sound of distant clatter and far-off whispers until I finally found Martin and co. running through the next shot with Jason, David, and Paul. It was dangerously close to lunch time and while I would have loved to stick around and watch the scene being shot (they were delayed by the clean-up of the window taken out by an overly-enthusiastic Jason during rehearsal), I needed to get back to the office or risk Alex Levine laying claim to my barbecue chicken salad." (Joseph Mallozzi's August 16 blog)
  • "Let's just say that Beckett becomes a product of his own genius, to some extent. And we see not only old friends but old enemies. It's a pretty neat two-parter, and it's going to be pretty intense. The ending of the two-parter is wonderful, too. I think the fans are going to love where it goes, shall I say." — David Hewlett, Sci Fi Weekly Q&A, September 10, 2007.
  • "Yes I am in the final two episodes of the season. Friday the 22nd is "Kindred Part 1" and part 2 is the following week. I can’t tell you much about them except to say that I do come back. It is a great reveal and its clever with the way they have done it. It does have something to do with previous episodes of Atlantis and there is a connection there. “Kindred Part 2″ is a heavy episode for Carson and I think the fans are going to love it, especially the ’save Carson Beckett’ fans who spent so much time to get the character back. He is a character that wears his heart on his sleeve and I think a lot of fans can relate to the guy and it is a nice tip of the hat to the fans." — Paul McGillion, interview, February 22, 2008.

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