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A mysterious illness wreaks havoc on humans across the Pegasus galaxy; Teyla's vision about the father of her child prompts her to join Sheppard on a mission that yields an unexpected discovery.

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Six months after the Athosian people — including Kanaan, the father of Teyla's unborn child — vanished, Teyla has several visions in which Kanaan begs her to find him. He hints that she can pick up his trail in a village called Croya, but when Teyla, Sheppard, McKay and Ronon search it, they can't find any trace of the Athosians.

All too soon, the team — minus Teyla, who stays in Atlantis — hurries back to Atlantis because Col. Carter needs their help with another problem. An illness is spreading through the galaxy, killing 30 percent of the humans it infects. It is derived from a protein created several years earlier by the Hoffan people, who were trying to make humans toxic to the Wraith (SGA 1.07 "Poisoning The Well").

Sheppard's team investigates the planet Hoff, which was devastated by the Wraith after they learned of the Hoffans' intentions. McKay discovers that all information about the protein is missing from Hoff's ruined archives. Someone has stolen it to resume the project, not caring that the protein turned out to be fatal to humans as well as Wraith. As the team returns with this news to Atlantis, Todd, their occasional Wraith ally, signals that he wants to meet. Sheppard's team travels to a rendezvous point to discuss the mysterious illness with him.

Meanwhile, Teyla has another vision in which Kanaan begs her to investigate Croya more carefully. Returning to the planet with Lorne's team, she discovers a man selling Athosian jewelry, but as she pursues this lead, a Wraith dart suddenly swoops in and beams her up. The entire thing was a setup.

Imprisoned aboard a Wraith ship, Teyla meets her captor: Michael, the human-Wraith hybrid who hates both species. He — not Kanaan — sent the visions to her as bait. He is also behind the disease that's sweeping the galaxy. Furthermore, he took the Athosians captive in order to turn them into dronelike human-Wraith hybrids. With these hybrids as his army, he plans to wipe out the Wraith and become the galaxy's dominant power. To Teyla's horror, he introduces her to Kanaan, now transformed into his loyal minion.

With Todd's help, Sheppard's team pinpoints a Wraith base where Michael might be holding Teyla. Joined by Lorne and his men, they fly to the planet aboard the Daedalus and raid the base, facing stiff resistance from its guards.

Then a Wraith ship en route to the planet arrives in orbit, exchanges fire with the Daedalus, and flees. A guard on the planet reveals that Teyla and Michael were aboard that ship. Sheppard is frustrated to have lost them, but then Lorne calls his attention to a locked cell. The base already houses an important prisoner, and Sheppard, McKay, Ronon and Lorne are shocked to discover who it is….


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Production Notes

  • "I am pleased to announce that Carson Beckett will be returning to Atlantis for a two-part story in the back half of season four. When he returns for the two-parter, it will be Carson Beckett in the flesh. Late in season three, we discussed the manner in which the character had been written out and the possible ways in which he could be brought back. I threw out an idea that not only brought Carson back, but answered a very big question I had concerning a late-season arc. In order to lay the groundwork for his possible return, we threaded a subtle hint into one of the late season three episodes. So, if fans want to know how we plan on bringing the good doctor back from the dead, they should seek out the hidden clue when the back half of season three returns to SciFi this Friday, April 13th. Well, I don’t want to give too much away but I can say it won’t be an AU version of Carson - or a time-hopping Dr. Beckett either." (Joseph Mallozzi in an interview at the Save Carson Beckett Campaign Site, April 9, 2007)
  • "Then there’s the two-part return of THAT character. Which brings us to episodes 17." (Joseph Mallozzi's May 7 blog)
  • "Alas, the Beckett episode count is presently at 2 because the planned third episode was temporarily shelved." (Joseph Mallozzi's May 10 blog)
  • "We start the spinning. [..] The return-of-that-character two-parter with its Fargo-esque first part..." (Joseph Mallozzi's June 1 blog)
  • "After all lunch, we finally started work on the first part of the late season two-parter, what Carl has tentatively titled “Rise of the Googlions”." (Joseph Mallozzi's June 6 blog)
  • "We needed the energy as we finally finished breaking Rise of the Googlions Part I today. I’ll be doing the honors, which means I get to work on the outline this weekend." (Joseph Mallozzi's June 8 blog)
  • "Well, spent most of the early afternoon writing the outline for Rise of the Googlions Part I. A number of pieces fall into place as many of the things we’ve been building toward come to fruition (and not in a sweet apple sort of way either). Surprises in store; revelations galore." (Joseph Mallozzi's June 9 blog)
  • "Back at work today and I’m pleased to report I completed the Tease of my newly retitled script - The Kindred, Part I." (Joseph Mallozzi's June 18 blog)
  • "Oh, dear. How depressing. My three-week hiatus is almost over and what have I got to show for it? One script completed, less than 20 books read, and a peeling sunburn. [...] Paul, meanwhile, phoned me up to discuss some of the changes he wants to make to Kindred I. The fact that wraith ships don’t possess shields certainly complicates matters, but I’ve always loved Paul’s idea of giving them limited regenerative capabilities. And, if it survives the polish, we get to find out where Lorne grew up. Any guesses? We’ll be back in the offices on Monday [July 16] [and] it looks like a week of meetings for yours truly as we head directly into prep on Kindred I, to be directed by SG-1 alumni Peter Woeste." (Joseph Mallozzi's July 12 blog)
  • "We watched the director’s cut of Spoils of War [...], then gave/got notes on The Kindred Pt. 1 (just a few page notes and a suggestion for a Caldwell scene), which took us to lunch. [...] The concept meeting was fabulous - as far as concept meetings go. First A.D. Bill Mizel was at his curmudgeony best, leading us through the narrative masterpiece, occasionally stopping to interject his misgivings about fire gags, background extras, and the confusing misuse of the term “CG wraith” which it turns out does NOT stand for Computer Generated." (Joseph Mallozzi's July 16 blog)
  • "Also, congratulations to me for finally getting handle on that Caldwell-Sheppard Daedalus scene that will touch on the repercussions from an earlier episode. Now, all I have to do is write it." (Joseph Mallozzi's July 19 blog)
  • In an audition for a role in this episode, one of the lines for a male character was, “Same as you. Scavenging the ruins of a dead world.” (Joseph Mallozzi's July 20 blog)
  • "We also started shooting Kindred I today. Check out the pics." This episode appears to be one of the 14 for Carter. (Joseph Mallozzi's July 24 blog)
  • "After a day of shooting Kindred I, we’re shooting the final day of Miller’s Crossing, then will be switching back to Kindred I when we return on Monday." (Joseph Mallozzi's July 25 blog)
  • "Pete Woeste is shooting day two of Kindred I down on Stage 6. Scenes up today: team geared for mission, Sheppard’s update, Lorne delivers the news, parlay, and the situation room." Mallozzi also includes pictures taken on the set, including one with Paul McGillion. (Joseph Mallozzi's July 30 blog)
  • "Day 3 of Kindred I took the cast and crew to Green Timbers, a location shoot that necessitated our ordering in. [...] Oh, and in dailies today = the wee turtles!" (Joseph Mallozzi's July 31 blog)
  • We find out where Lorne is from in Kindred I. (Joseph Mallozzi's August 2 blog)
  • Mallozzi published some images taken during the shooting of this episode in his August 9 blog.
  • The season finale is linked in some way to "The Kindred". (Joseph Mallozzi's August 14 blog)
  • "Let's just say that Beckett becomes a product of his own genius, to some extent. And we see not only old friends but old enemies. It's a pretty neat two-parter, and it's going to be pretty intense. The ending of the two-parter is wonderful, too. I think the fans are going to love where it goes, shall I say." — David Hewlett, Sci Fi Weekly Q&A, September 10, 2007.
  • "Yes I am in the final two episodes of the season. Friday the 22nd is "Kindred Part 1" and part 2 is the following week. I can’t tell you much about them except to say that I do come back. It is a great reveal and its clever with the way they have done it. It does have something to do with previous episodes of Atlantis and there is a connection there. “Kindred Part 2″ is a heavy episode for Carson and I think the fans are going to love it, especially the ’save Carson Beckett’ fans who spent so much time to get the character back. He is a character that wears his heart on his sleeve and I think a lot of fans can relate to the guy and it is a nice tip of the hat to the fans." — Paul McGillion, interview, February 22, 2008.

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