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A snafu with the communications stones lands Col. Young's consciousness in an unknown being, resulting in a standoff between the Destiny and an alien vessel and the abduction of Chloe.

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Although TJ urges Colonel Young to open up about the recent losses in his crew—including Dr. Rush—Young remains stoic. Many crew members are suspicious, however, and Camile Wray makes it clear that she'll take the first opportunity to tell command on Earth about her doubts. Young, untroubled by her threats, attempts to use the communication stones, only to find himself on an alien ship, and the consciousness that inhabits Young's body turns violent toward the nearby crew.

Camile gathers a group to discuss her lack of faith in the military leadership. It's clear that rebellion is brewing.

Just as Young and Scott are about to explore a nearby planet, Lt. James alerts them to the approach of an alien warship. Eli sends a message in Ancient language to the ship, only to receive the word "Surrender", in English, in response. The alien ship loses no time in launching armed shuttles toward Destiny. Eli and Young attempt to fight back, but the limits on their power supply, as well as Eli's limited knowledge of the ship, have them fighting for their lives. Scott and Greer man a shuttle and engage the enemy in a dogfight.

As the battle rages on, an alien shuttle lands undetected on Destiny. The pilot wastes no time finding Chloe and secreting her away to the mothership, whereupon the attackers cease fire. When Chloe's absence is discovered, Young uses the communication stones in an attempt to find her. Instead, he discovers Rush, trapped in a preservation vat. Young breaks the glass, and they use a mind-reading device to communicate, sharing the information that Chloe may be on board. Young is pulled back to Destiny before they're able to find Chloe, however, and the native consciousness returns to the alien body, quickly moving to attack Rush. He's narrowly able to defeat the alien, and hurries to find Chloe and lead her to safety.

Mayhem reigns in the sick bay, with dozens of wounded. Just as the crew think the worst is behind them, the alien ship reengages. Despite Scott's pleas to save Chloe, Young returns fire. Desperate, Scott gets in a shuttle with Greer and attempts to save his love. Just as Young is about to fire full force, the enemy retreats—except for one shuttle—then jump away at light speed. The sole remaining shuttle holds Rush and Chloe, and they find their way safely back onto Destiny.

In the mess hall, Rush quietly recounts the story of how he wound up on the alien ship—from activating the crashed shuttle's communication system, to reversing the telepathic technology to gain strategic information on his captors. He tells his comrades that the aliens probably didn't want to destroy the humans onboard—they just wanted Destiny. He also covers up the fact that Young beat him and left him for dead.

Later, Rush approaches Young for a man-to-man to see where they stand. They begrudgingly agree to work together for the sake of the crew, but Rush isn't satisfied. In a surreptitious meeting with Wray, he plots with her for another shift of power.


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Production Notes

  • "We ended the day with a general discussion of SGU: some future storylines, a couple of surprises, yes there will be a mid-season two-parter, and the types of individuals who will make up the Destiny’s extended crew." — Joseph Mallozzi (November 13, 2008).
  • "Today was our final day of spinning on Stargate: Universe and we finished in impressive fashion, breaking not one but TWO stories. The first, episode #10 is mine (Carl is especially excited about this one) while #11 falls to Paul. Ticking clocks, twists and turns, alliances, betrayals, and a surprise guest! And, just like that, we have our first 10 stories in play." — Joseph Mallozzi (November 20, 2008).
  • "Priority #1 now for me is hammering out an outline for the first part of the SGU mid-season two-parter. From what I understand, casting is still ongoing but I expect we’ll be hearing word on some decisions soon…soon…" — Joseph Mallozzi (December 5, 2008).
  • "The outline for the first part of the SGU mid-season two-parter: Well, despite the introduction, I did make headway by completing a first pass. It’s a pretty solid story, full of action, twists and turns. My only uncertainty stems from some of the locations and weapon systems given that the ship is still being designed as we speak. One more pass and I’ll be putting it out." — Joseph Mallozzi (December 10, 2008).
  • "Of the first ten episodes broken, we have a grand total of 0 forested planets. I’m not saying we won’t, eventually, come across one but, for the time being, the emphasis is on the ship and some locations atypical of Stargate. As a matter of fact, Executive Producer Robert Cooper and Director Andy Mikita are in New Mexico as we speak, scouting a cool-looking alien setting." — Joseph Mallozzi (December 19, 2008)
  • "Back in the office today, working on my SGU script. A little slow-going but I’m managing to maintain the snail’s pace of one scene a day." — Joseph Mallozzi (January 7, 2009)
  • "Back in the office today where I completed a little more of the script, writing and rewriting the same ten pages. But what a ten pages!" — Joseph Mallozzi (January 8, 2009)
  • "In spite of the fact that the production office is my “place of work”, I’ve been accomplishing very little in the way of actual script work there of late. I’ve been spinning my wheels on a complicated sequence that has been made all the more complicated by the fact that I’m dealing with all new characters with all new agendas aboard on all new ship. And while the obstacles presented are by no means insurmountable, they have proven exceptionally challenging given that whenever I get a bit of a run going, I get distracted and have to start over. MGM needs this behind the scenes feature approved. Back to square one. Did you read Alan’s script yet? Back to square one. What’ll you have for lunch? Back to square one. I finally did manage to tackle the sequence last night and, between 8:00 p.m. and 1:00 a.m., actually succeeded in slotting all the pieces of the puzzle together. I was relieved - until this afternoon when I learned that some assumptions I had made based on previous conversations no longer applied. Back to square one. I’ve decided to shelf work on the script until we can all agree on a plan of attack." — Joseph Mallozzi (January 22, 2009)
  • "I aim to finish the fourth act tomorrow and hopefully make some inroads into the fifth act. Of course, fifth acts tend to practically write themselves so that should be a breeze. First draft by…next week? Possibly?" — Joseph Mallozzi (January 30, 2009)
  • "Last night, I completed the fourth act of my work-in-progress and got well into the fifth act. Only five more beats to go and I’m done. Now if this was an SG-1 or Atlantis script, I’d probably already be finished but SGU is a different animal. In this series, character focus will prove as important as the prevailing storyline which means more of those quieter, reflective moments fans seem to cherish." — Joseph Mallozzi (February 1, 2009)
  • "Huzzah! I finally have a preliminary draft of the first part of the Stargate: Universe mid-season two-parter. However, it comes in at a robust 57 pages! I’ll spend the next few days trimming it down to a far more manageable 54, then put it out to the rest of the writing department - after which I will no doubt receive notes requesting that I put all the stuff I took out back in. Anyway, I’m quite happy with what I have. This episode promises excitement, angst, and surprises big AND small. Loving some of the show’s dark horse players: Wray, James, and, if mom will let me keep him, Boone." — Joseph Mallozzi (February 3, 2009)
  • "I’m presently tinkering with the my completed first draft of episode #10." — Joseph Mallozzi (February 12, 2009)
  • "Well, if all goes well, I’ll finally be delivering my first draft of the mid-season two-parter tomorrow. I’ve been putting off as I attempt to polish and re-polish what I’ve got, but it seems that the longer I delay, the more new ideas and reconsiderations are impacting on the decisions I’ve already made. Granted, changes will have to be made - but until these new ideas and reconsiderations are actually written in stone, I’ll proceed as planned. And I, of course, refer to what Wray knows, the Boone reveal, and the James diss." — Joseph Mallozzi (February 17, 2009)
  • "Today marked the start of production on Stargate: Universe and, while most were down on Stage 3 watching/participating in the action, I was up in the production offices, pacing the corridors as I’m wont to do when working on a script revision. Up and down. Up and down. Up and down. Until, finally, I’ve made the last note on my script and I can return to my office to implement the changes. By the time I handed the memory stick off the Lawren, it was lunch time." — Joseph Mallozzi (February 18, 2009)
  • "Great news! It looks like I won’t be asked to pack up my office and escorted off the lot for the time being. Rob, who has been spending his days on set since the start of production, called this afternoon to tell me he liked my script. Always good to hear, but especially so given that: a) It’s my first script for a new series with all new characters, b) It’s the all-important first part of the mid-season two-parter, and c) Rob is a pretty tough critic. Then again, maybe I shouldn’t be so quick to order that new bookshelf since the other producers have yet to weigh in, among them Brad, an equally tough critic who also happens to be the second half of the team that created the show." — Joseph Mallozzi (February 20, 2009)
  • "Back in my January 30th entry, I wrote 'Meanwhile, we inch ever closer to casting one of my other favorites roles - the character of Wray.' She’s one of my favorites because she has so much potential. That said, as I was working on the first part of the mid-season two-parter, I actually grew nervous. Wray has some nice, meaty scenes in my script and, without a strong actress in the role, the character would crash and burn. So you can imagine my delight to hear we had closed the deal with Ming-Na, a tremendously talented actress (and, apparently, poker player) who is more than capable of delivering bigtime." — Joseph Mallozzi (February 25, 2009)
  • "It looks like Monday I’ll finally get notes on my first draft of the mid-season two-parter. Even though everybody seemed to like it the first time they read it, I’m concerned because everyone is RE-reading it this weekend to refresh themselves. What if they’re not in as good a mood or quite as drunk as the last time they read it? I could be in trouble." — Joseph Mallozzi (March 13, 2009)
  • "Well, I finally got the notes on my first draft of Space (now episode 11). At 54 pages, the script is way too long and Rob had some helpful suggestions for trimming down the dialogue. I’ll have to make a slight adjustment to Wray’s attitude in line with Paul’s pass on Judgment, incorporate a costume suggestion, switch out a piece of set dec (actually, more of a prop all things considered) for something more suitable that Production Designer James Robbins came up with, include the two character beats Carl suggested, fiddle with the dialogue pertaining to the ship’s weapon systems, lose an unnecessary complication, and make a slight alteration to final exchange. And that’s it. Hope to have a revised draft later this week." — Joseph Mallozzi (April 27, 2009)
  • "I’m well into the rewrite of Space, episode #11 of Stargate: Universe, and finally got it down to a full 46 pages from a robust 54 (and that’s down from its original 60!). Paring down the dialogue, stripping away some of the superfluous beats, but still maintaining a lot of the character beats that Rob and Co. responded to in the original version (the Boone scene, the James beats, that thing with the sock). Hope to have a nice, tight, revised draft for when everyone comes back in about a week." — Joseph Mallozzi (May 1, 2009)
  • "With ... the Space rewrite done, ... this is the first in a long time that I have nothing on my plate. Well, with one episode slot still up for grabs, I guess I’ll try to come up with a story idea – something topical that incorporates the hottest of today’s trends like vampires and dance competitions (Maybe a vampire dance competition? Is this too similar to a Star Trek episode?)." — Joseph Mallozzi (May 14, 2009)
  • "Rob will be doing the pass on my script, Space (episode 11), this weekend and informed me of a few character additions he wants to make off the top (which tie in directly to Justice), in addition to a dialogue tweak to the final exchange that had me raising an eyebrow in stunned silence. I love both of these characters, and this little revelation raises the stakes, offering a beautiful segue into the next episode, Divided. Nothing is quite as it seems? Try – No one is quite as they seem. Furtive moves, shifting alliances, and hidden agendas guarantee a dysfunctional and disquieting galaxy-hopping community." — Joseph Mallozzi (May 29, 2009)
  • "Rob will be producing the episode, doing the script polish, taking the network notes, overseeing prep, and doing the producer’s cut." — Joseph Mallozzi (May 31, 2009)
  • "There will be plenty of action for those of you into that sort of thing. The episode presently in prep for instance, Space, is going to be spectacular. The Visual Effects meeting started at 2:00 p.m. this afternoon and they were still in there when I left." — Joseph Mallozzi (June 2, 2009)
  • "Today, we set aside an hour to talk stories – specifically, the back half of SGU’s first season. Okay, okay. I think that, this time, I’ve got it right. Space shoots next in the #11 slot, followed by Divided in the #12 slot, and then Faith in the #13 slot (Carl promises to have his pass out before week’s end)." — Joseph Mallozzi (June 3, 2009)
  • "Everyone is back tomorrow for the first day of Space. Stage 4, Destiny set." — Joseph Mallozzi (June 9, 2009)
  • "I headed down to Stage 4 today where Director Andy Mikita was overseeing one of the big green screen sequences in Space, episode #11. On the observation deck this afternoon: Patrick Gilmore (Volker), Julia Anderson (James), Jennifer Spence (Park), and various others taking in the pyrotechnic display." — Joseph Mallozzi (June 16, 2009)
  • "...we all (Marty G., Carl, Paul, Lawren, and I) headed downstairs to check out Stage 5 where the thrilling off-Destiny sequences for Space were being shot." — Joseph Mallozzi (June 18, 2009)
  • Design drawings for the Infirmary. — Joseph Mallozzi's Weblog (June 29, 2009)
  • "Yes, producer edits of Space, episode #11, which I wrote, and Divided, episode #12, that Paul wrote. Both are going to be great and while Space will no doubt get the most online buzz in the lead-up to its airdate (for reasons that will become readily apparent as more hints about this episode are released), I think Divided is the one that really sings. It is taut, suspenseful, filled with intrigue, and offers up some terrific dramatic performances by many of our cast." — Joseph Mallozzi (August 7, 2009)
  • Major D. Davis writes: "What episode would you say is going to be a fan favorite(besides air)?" Answer: "I’m predicting Time and Space to be the big fan favorites. Water, Light and Human will be high up there too. Action packed, fast-paced, surprising, full of some crazy twists. I also predict a few kino scenes will be played over and over again." — Brian J. Smith, Q&A at Mallozzi's Weblog (September 29, 2009)
  • "Using a piece of Ancients technology, Colonel Young accidentally ends up on an alien vessel, and then, suddenly, finds himself back on the Destiny. No one actually believes him, and thinks that his brain is manifesting these hallucinations as a result of a hiccup with the technology. Then, however, the Destiny drops out of FTL drive, and an alien ship arrives! Our people try to communicate with it, and the aliens respond, but then the Destiny is attacked!" — Joseph Mallozzi, Official Stargate Magazine Sampler, available October 2009.
  • "This story not only deals with the shipboard dynamics on a small scale, but also the bigger mystery of who these aliens are, and what they want from us. There are lots of little twists and turns; and things that were set up in earlier stories pay off in this one. It's a very action-driven episode, and also our first big space battle story. One of the neat things about it is that we leave the door open for certain things to follow. The smaller story arcs aren't necessarily tied up in a neat little bow before the end credits. In lots of episodes, we close the door on one story aspect, but open a window or a bunch of windows on several others, and in that regard, the end of 'Space' segues nicely into 'Divided.'" — Joseph Mallozzi, Official Stargate Magazine Sampler, available October 2009.
  • About more aliens: "They're the coolest aliens we've ever had on Stargate. They're a very advanced, not very friendly, space-faring race." — Brad Wright, TV Guide, November 23, 2009.
  • "Wow. Watched Ep. 11 ("Space"). No spoilers & I'm not just trying to tease, but the old fans ARE GOING TO FLIP! New ones too, probably!" — David Blue, Twitter, December 16, 2009.
  • poundpuppy29 writes: "Is there going to be more action in the second half of SGU and I don’t mean sex by the way I like the personal stuff but I would like my scifi to have some action too?" Answer: "Yep. Aliens and space battles in the first episode back, #11: Space, followed by intrigue, mystery, loss, exploration, chaos, revelations, and a big two part finale reminiscent of golden age SG-1." — Joseph Mallozzi (January 1, 2010)
  • Chevron7 writes: "Does Destiny have any weapons systems? Are they operational? Were they even tested by the Ancients?" Answer: "Yep. And they’ll come into play first episode back from the break: Space." — Joseph Mallozzi (January 1, 2010)
  • "Yes, we’ll see some aliens in Space. As for which episodes the fans will particularly enjoy, I have a feeling they’ll respond quite favorably to Space and Incursion I and II – only because they are significantly more action-driven and visually spectacular. The fact that I was lucky enough to write them speaks more to the luck of the draw than anything else." — Joseph Mallozzi (January 10, 2010)
  • "Part of the shipboard discovery will also focus on Destiny’s capabilities, specifically its weapons and defensive systems. These will finally be put to the test against a real opponent almost immediately upon our return (Space, episode 11), while we’ll finally get to see the shuttle in action as well with flyboys Scott and Greer at the helm (Space, episode 11, again)." — Joseph Mallozzi (January 28, 2010)
  • "As several of you pointed out, the show is called “Stargate: Universe” so you want to see us make use of the gate. Well, some interesting gate use upcoming in the back half of season one and into season two which goes hand in hand with another fan request: “More aliens!” and “More alien worlds!” Done and done, in the case of the former sooner, and the in the case of the latter just a tad later. Space, Faith, Lost, and Sabotage come to mind." — Joseph Mallozzi (January 28, 2010)
  • Eventful Horizon writes: “When will we see some aliens that aren’t bugs or other similar creatures?” Answer: "When the show returns in April, you’ll get to see the coolest aliens we’ve ever done on the show." — Joseph Mallozzi (January 30, 2010)
  • "I took part in an audio commentary for Space with Director Andy Mikita and Visual Effects Supervisor (and birthday boy!) Mark Savela. Boy, does this episode move! It’s a visual feast and I look forward to hearing the fan reaction. I also think that, given the episode’s spectacular visual effects, it’s high time Mark made a return visit to this blog for another guest Q&A. Whaddya think?" — Joseph Mallozzi, March 18, 2010
  • Joseph Mallozzi dedicated his April 3, 2010, entry to answering some of the fan questions about his episode.

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