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Sallis lived in the village of Ver Ager on a planet in a far away galaxy which is thought to be the original homeworld of the race of humans known as the Ancients (originally known as the Altera).

Character Biography

Sallis and her husband, Harrid Cicera, were secretly gathering up artifacts from an ancient burial ground outside their village of Ver Ager. They collected these artifacts in secret because it was against their religion to be investigating their own history, especially if the evidence they uncovered revealed that the gods that they were supposed to worship, the Ori, had been lying to the people about having created humanity. The evidence Harris, Sallis, and Fannis had uncovered were pieces of Ancient technology which proved that a race of humans predated their own supposed creation.

There weren't but a few heretics living in the village, but their numbers were growing. They hid away their artifacts in various places so that if one were discovered, the rest would be left to carry on. Harrid and Sallis kept Ancient communications stones in their home, while Fannis hid away an Ancient communications terminal which, when used in conjunction with the stones, would form a link across galaxies.

Daniel Jackson and Vala Mal Doran used the Ancient communications stones which the SGC already had (8.15 "Citizen Joe") with the newly-discovered Ancient communications terminal (found in the Glastonbury Tor) and found themselves linked to Harrid and Sallis. While Daniel and Vala's bodies remained unconscious, deep in some form of dream-like state, their minds were linked such that they took over Harrid and Sallis' bodies. Harrid and Sallis' consciousnesses were buried as long as the link was configured in this way.

In order to fit in as best they could as they gathered information about their surroundings and the reason for the link's strange configuration, Daniel and Vala acted as if they were Harrid and Sallis. This included attending a six-hour prostration service! Afterwards, Fannis came to their home and pursuaded Vala to impersonate Sallis at a "sharing leaves" event being hosted by the Administrator's wife. Unfortunately, Vala was not aware of the prayers and customs of the tea and the Administrator's wife declared her "overcome", which meant that she thought that Sallis was possessed by a demon. Vala then tried to explain the situation, but was so frustrated by the Administrator's wife's behavior that she used vulgar profanity. That was enough evidence to get her chained to the altar in the middle of the village and burned to death. Daniel attempted to explain to the Administator what was going on, but his words only made things seem worse. He was held back by two men as he helplessly witnessed Sallis' body burn.

One of the Priors of the Ori, an advanced human who is given powers by the Ascended Beings, the Ori, resurrected Vala and Sallis. No evidence of the burning remained. He then took Daniel and Vala to the Ori's City of the Gods and they discovered that the Ori intended to send their representatives through the Stargate to their home galaxy in order to force their religion, called "Origin", or destroy the unbelievers. After this encounter with the Ori, Daniel and Vala were returned to the village as bait to identify other heretics. As much as Daniel tried to convince Fannis to save himself, Fannis told him that Harrid, Sallis, and he had always known that one day they might die for their beliefs. Fannis took Daniel and Vala to where he had hidden the Ancient communications terminal and once it was activated, Harrid and Sallis became aware of their situation because the link was now two-way. Unfortunately, the Prior had followed them and he killed Fannis and terminated the link so that it was one-way once more.

Harrid and Sallis' next moment of awareness was after the terminal was destroyed on the SGC's side and they found themselves in the midst of being burned alive in the same altar in the middle of their village as punishment for being heretics.


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