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Daniel and Vala, still in the grips of the Ancient communications device, encounter a Prior, a zealous missionary and highly evolved human with zero tolerance for unbelievers. While this Prior takes them to meet his fiery gods the Ori, another Prior arrives in the Milky Way galaxy to begin preaching Origin, the path to enlightenment. Those who stray from the path...die.

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Daniel and Vala have been saved from the fanatical Ori followers, but — because their savior is an Ori priest and they're still trapped in "borrowed" bodies in a distant galaxy — they're not exactly home-free. Instead, the priest transports them to the Ori's holy realm of Celestis, where Daniel begins to uncover the secrets of the mysterious gods.

What he learns is not reassuring. The Ori seem to be Ascended Beings who believe that they deserve unquestioning worship and devotion from all humans. They also consider the more benevolent teachings of their Ascended rivals, the Ancients, to be evil.

For millennia, the Ancients have protected the humans of the Milky Way from domination by the Ori, but Daniel's activation of the communications device has alerted the Ori to the vast numbers of unbelievers in Earth's home galaxy. As a result, the Ori have begun to send out missionaries, called Priors. Armed with the power of their Ascended masters and convinced that heathen lives are worthless, the Priors' goal is to convert the entire galaxy to the worship of the Ori — by any means necessary.

As Daniel realizes that Earth is about to find itself on the wrong end of an intergalactic crusade, word reaches Stargate Command that a mysterious evangelist has arrived on a planet formerly occupied by the Goa'uld. Hoping to prevent the recently enslaved humans there from falling prey to what sounds suspiciously like another false god, Mitchell sets off to investigate. Teal'c stays at SGC, where he and Landry are deep in treaty negotiations with Gerak, the power-hungry new Jaffa leader.

Mitchell soon returns with an Ori Prior, who zealously preaches about the wondrous powers of the Ori to anyone who wants to listen — and to anyone who doesn't, for that matter. Meanwhile, after Daniel refuses to worship the Ori, he and Vala are returned to the village, where they are to be the bait in a deadly trap to catch other heretics. After that, they are to be burned to death — with no interruptions this time. When their bodies, still at Stargate Command, go into cardiac arrest, it's up to Mitchell and Teal'c to find a way to bring them home.


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