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Fannis was an historian from the village Ver Ager on a planet in a distant galaxy from the Milky Way, thought to be the original homeworld of the race of humans known as the Ancients (originally known as the Alterans).

Character Biography

Fannis lived in Ver Ager, a village subjected to the dominance and fanatical doctrines of religious and civil authorities who followed the Ori and their strict path to enlightenment as taught in The Book of Origin. Fannis would pay lip service to these doctrines, so as not to alert the authorities to his true beliefs, attending the six hour prostration services, though not necessarily actively participating (9.02 "Avalon Part 2").

Fannis described himself as a 'curator', an occupation similar to an archeologist or historian. He did not believe the blind faith in the Ori was justified and, with others, had found evidence of an ancestral burial ground containing various artifacts, including devices of Ancient technology. These artifacts indicated that a race of humans predated the people now living in Ver Ager, thereby refuting the Ori's claims that they created his people. He and his friends kept this evidence quiet, because it contradicted The Book of Origin.

Fannis feared the Ori. He did not doubt their power. However, he distrusted their intentions and doubted their doctrine, especially when he had empirical evidence to the contrary by the archeological findings. He and the others like him gathered as much evidence as possible in the hope that one day they would have enough proof to convince even the most devout believers that the Ori's claims were false. In the meantime, Fannis met with others who shared his ideas in secret to share what they learned. They kept any artifacts proving their claims in hiding places in case any of them were discovered by the Ori or their devout followers.

It is unknown what, if any, family Fannis had. However, two of his closest friends were fellow curators Harrid and Sallis Cicera who were also part of the heretical movement. Daniel Jackson and Vala Mal Doran accidentally took over Harrid's and Sallis's bodies (9.02 "Avalon Part 2"), by connecting the Ancient communication stones (from 8.15 "Citizen Joe") to a newly found Ancient communication terminal device. When Fannis came to the Ciceras' home to find out why Harrid did not meet with him at a planned rendezvous, Daniel and Vala revealed their identities and what happened. Fannis accepted their situation without question and did what he could to help Daniel and Vala. He explained Harrid's and Sallis's routines, including informing Vala of Sallis's scheduled 'sharing of leaves' with the Administrator's wife. Fannis was very interested to learn of the Ancients, and seemed mildly insulted when Vala described Ver Ager as a less advanced civilization. Later, when Vala as Sallis was accused by the Administrator's wife of being overcome (i.e. possessed), and was about to be immolated in the village square, Fannis fled unseen from the village.

Fannis's whereabouts while the Prior resurrected Vala and took Daniel and Vala to the City of the Gods are unknown. However, the evening of their return to Ver Ager, Fannis returned to Harrid and Sallis's house (9.03 "Origin Part 3"). Despite knowing it was likely a trap to flush out his heretical sect and Daniel's urgings to flee, Fannis insisted on leading them to the hiding place for the Ancient communication terminal device. He explained that he, Harrid, Sallis, and the other heretics were willing to risk their lives for their beliefs. To his mind, the benefits of getting Daniel and Vala out of Harrid and Sallis and back to their galaxy where they could spread word of the plight of Ver Ager outweighed any risks of getting caught.

Fannis witnessed the activation of the Ancient device when Daniel and Vala placed Harrid's and Sallis's versions of the Ancient communication stones in it. He smiled when Harrid and Sallis were returned to their bodies. However, immediately after this, the Prior arrived. The Prior choked Fannis via unseen powers. Daniel and Vala were forced back into Harrid's and Sallis's bodies when the Prior similarly shut off the communication device. Fannis eventually collapsed to the ground and stopped breathing.

Fannis is presumed dead after this last encounter with the Prior.


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